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Mazos: Grulla, 4º en el Kotei Santiago de Chile
Enviado el Lunes, 21 marzo a las 20:55:00
Tpico: Clan Grulla
Clan GrullaMazo Grulla, 4º en el Kotei Santiago de Chile, hecho por Gabriel Gallego

Stronghold: Seven Fold Palace


1 Delayed Arrival
1 Doji's Guidance
1 Well-Defended Border
3 Tsi Mokotsu
3 Marketplace
3 Exotic Goods
2 My Father's Shrine
1 Counting House
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Kistune Den
3 Doji Shikishi
3 Doji Senta
3 Doji Umakai
3 Kakita Yosuga
2 Kakita Hideo
1 Kakita Hideo - exp
1 Kakita Aichiko
1 Doji Ayano - exp
1 Doji Odaka
1 Asahina Beniha - exp.
1 Kakita Noritoshi - exp.3
1 Doji Domotai - exp.4
1 Otomo Seimi
1 Daigotsu Oki

Fate (40)

3 Peaceful Discourse
3 Steel on Steel
3 Imperial Adjudication
3 Impromptu Duel
3 Taxing the Scum
3 Outer Walls
3 Wall of Honor
3 Paid Off
3 Hamstrung
2 Distractions in Court
2 Snow-Swept Summit
2 Subversive Influence
2 Favor of Artisans
2 Enough Talk
2 Shadow's Talon
1 Ring of the Void

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Noticia ms leda sobre Clan Grulla:
Grulla, ganador del Kotei de Madrid

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"Grulla, 4º en el Kotei Santiago de Chile" | Entrar/Crear Cuenta | 19 Comentarios | Buscar Discusin
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Re: Grulla, 4º en el Kotei Santiago de Chile (Puntuacin 1)
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Re: Grulla, 4º en el Kotei Santiago de Chile (Puntuacin 1)
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