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Mazos: Araña, ganador del Kotei Stillwater
Enviado el Mircoles, 30 marzo a las 13:09:49
Tpico: Clan Araña
Clan ArañaMazo Araña, ganador del Kotei Stillwater, hecho por Daniel Briscoe.

Stronghold: Fields of the Dead  


1 The New Order
1 Alter History
2 Private Shrine
3 Expendable Resources
3 Oyo Seido
2 Border Village
2 Barley Farm
3 Shinomen Marsh
2 Traveling Peddler
1 Dark Oracle of Fire – exp.2
1 Chuda Seikai
1 Daigotsu Oki
3 Hachigoro
3 Chuda Otsu
3 Daigotsu Taizo
3 Chuda Atsuro
3 Udo
3 Chuda Inisi
1 Daigotsu Susumu - exp  

Fate (41)  

3 Game of Sincerity
3 Rout
3 Settling the Homeless
2 Unfamiliar Ground
3 Final Duty
3 Border Ambush
3 Unclean Sacrifice
3 Flanked by Nightmares
3 Scouting Far Afield
3 Unnatural Hunger
2 Questionable Charity
2 Forewarning
3 Claw and Shell
2 Caught Unawares
1 Ultimate Sacrifice
2 Might of the Shadowlands  

Informacin sacada del Archivo de Barajas de L5R

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Noticia ms leda sobre Clan Araña:
Araa, mejor de su clan en el Campeonato de Europa

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"Araña, ganador del Kotei Stillwater" | Entrar/Crear Cuenta | 13 Comentarios | Buscar Discusin
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