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Mazos: Dragón, ganador del Kotei Salt Lake City
Enviado el Martes, 21 junio a las 15:42:40
Tópico: Clan Dragón
Clan DragónMazo Dragón, ganador del Kotei Salt Lake City, hecho por Mike Petke.

Stronghold: Pillars of Virtue 

Dynasty (40) 

1 Togashi's Guidance 
1 Claiming the Throne 
1 Crossing the Forbidden Sea 
1 Imperial Census 
1 Wisdom Gained 
3 Gold Mine 
3 Temple of Redemption  
3 Recruitment Officer  
1 Traveling Peddler 
1 Counting House 
1 Chugo Seido 
1 Expendable Resources 
1 Stolen Merchandise 
3 Mirumoto Haru  
3 Togashi Gato  
3 Togashi Kanmu  
3 Togashi Kyoshi  
1 Mirumoto Hojatsu 
1 Togashi Nakahara 
1 Mirumoto Ichizo (exp.) 
1 Mirumoto Yozo (exp.) 
1 Tamori Wotan (exp.) 
1 Togashi Kazuki (exp.) 
1 Togashi Shiori (exp.) 
1 Mirumoto Kenzo (exp.2) 
1 Togashi Satsu (exp.5) 

Fate (41) 

2 Awed Witness  
3 Balance in Water  
3 Changing Paths  
2 Cold Hands, Stone Heart  
3 Cowed by Wisdom  
2 Deathly Aura  
3 Deception Revealed  
3 Dove Tattoo  
2 Fall Back!  
2 Imperial Command  
2 Master the Body  
1 Preparedness 
2 Shadow's Talon  
1 Stare Into the Void 
2 Steel on Steel  
2 String of Victories  
1 The World Disappears 
1 Ring of Air 
1 Ring of Fire 
1 Ring of Earth 
1 Ring of Water 
1 Ring of the Void

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Noticia más leída sobre Clan Dragón:
Dragón, 2º en las GenCon

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