Las 2 cartas que quedaban de Samurai + la promo de las cajas
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Tema Samurai Edition

Ya ha aparecido Samurai Edition por las tiendas USA, y ya tenemos el texto de las dos cartas que quedaban por ver.

Supply Smugglers (F) Coste: 2. Legacy. Bow this card: Produce 1 Gold, or produce 3 Gold if paying for a Holding. Smuggling is in violation of the Emperor’s law. Few tolerate such filth, but those few who do pay well enough to ensure some small number of smugglers remain in operation.

Forest Cleansing (R) Coste: 0; Focus: 2. Battle/Open: Target a dishonorable Personality and one of his controller’s provinces. Bow the Personality. Reduce the province’s strength to 0. “We will never abandon our duty to the Naga, but patrolling the Shinomen for bandits is an endless drain on our resources.” –Shinjo Tujuro

Y la promo que viene en las cajas de Samurai es

Soul of Bushido (Acción)
Coste: 0
Open: Until the end of the turn, any player gains 1 Honor after each time he resolves a Bushido Virtue action and loses 3 Honor after he resolves a Dark Virtue action.
Without Bushido, a bushi is nothing more than a fool with a sword.
Focus: 3

Este artículo proviene de La Voz Akasha (Corrupta)

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