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Tema AEG

Unas han aparecido en España (las tiene un TO), otra la han dado en el Obsidian Championship y la primera ni idea de donde ha salido. Todas son legales en Emperor y en Ivory.

Yozo's Inspiriation
Unique. Limited
: Until your second turn from now begins, your Personalities have +1F while attacking a player who declared an attack against you since your last turn ended. Punishment to the wicked. Vengeance for the just.
Legal: 1 Enero 2014

The Obsidian Dueling Grounds
Coste: 3
[Bow]: Produce 2 Gold. Limited, [Bow]: Permanently give your target Samurai Shadowlands. Give him three +1F tokens. Destroy this Holding. Lose 4 Honor. "It is unfortunate that certain traditions must be abandoned in the face of necessity." –Daigotsu Kanpeki
Legal: 1 Feb 2014

Oracle of the Void (Holding)
Coste: 6G
Void * Oracle * Retainer * Experienced * Unique
. Negate this card's destruction. Limited: Bow this card: The next two cards in provinces you refill (this turn) may be refilled face-up. Limited: Bow this card: Draw a card. "I see all. There is nothing beyond my sight"
Legal: TBA

Hidden Weapons (Holding)
Coste: 0G
You may Equip Weapons from under this Holding as a Battle/Limited action. Limited: Put a Weapon in your hand under this Holding (face down). Honorable clans do not engage in deceit and misdirection. However, where they choose to store their weapons is no one's business but their own.
Legal: 1 Oct 2013

Imperial Sword (Item)
+2F / +1C
Coste: 2G
Imperial * Weapon. This Personality has +1F while he is Imperial. Let his blade guide your honor.
Focus: 3
Legal: 1 Oct 2013

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