Spoiler de Aftermath

Todas las cartas son legales en Emperor/Ivory excepto donde se diga lo contrario





Crab (6)


Hida Kaiji (R)

7F / 2C

-HR / 12G / 0PH

Crab Clan • Berserker • Mutant • Nonhuman • Experienced • Unique. Will not attack or defend with other Personalities, and other Personalities will not attack or defend with Kaiji. Kaiji has +2F while unopposed, or +1F for each Personality opposing him with 6 or lower printed Force. “Run, little worms!”


Hida Kurabi (R)

3F / 2C

-HR / 6G / 0PH

Crab Clan Berserker Hero Imperial DestinedReserve. (You may Recruit a Reserve Card, if it would be opposed, as an Absent Battle action.) (Draw a card after your Destined card enters play.) “Kisada-sama, what happened at the Second City was not some mere power struggle. There is more to the story.”


Hiruma Koru (C)

3F / 4C

-HR / 5G / 1PH

Crab Clan • Samurai • Scout. Invest 1G: Create a 0F Follower and attach it to Koru. (After this card enters play, you may also pay the Invest cost to get the effect, once.) “His mother was a Yasuki. Still, you wouldn’t guess it from the way he fights.” –Kaiu Esumi


Kaiu Esumi (U)

3F / 3C

5HR / 9G / 2PH

Crab Clan • Samurai • Siege • Experienced • Tactician • Unique. Battle: Destroy a target enemy attachment. “He seems to grow only more callous with each passing year.” –Kaiu Kawachi


Kaiu Gorobei (C)

3F / 4C

3HR / 5G / 3PH

Crab Clan • Samurai • Siege. Battle: Discard a card to bow a target enemy card with Force equal to or lower than the discarded card’s Focus Value. “The Kaiu contributed greatly to the reconstruction of the Second City after the chaos ended.” –Journal of Otomo Hiroshi


Yasuki Jiro (U)

1F / 3C

-HR / 5G / 1PH

Crab Clan • Courtier • Kolat • Merchant • Shadowlands. Political Limited, <Pay 3G>: Dishonor a target Personality. “I am sure this is all a misunderstanding. Please, let this gift for your family serve as my amends.”


Crane (6)


Asahina Umehiko (U)

2F / 3C

6HR / 5G / 3PH

Crane Clan • Air • GardenerExpendableShugenja. (Draw a card after your Expendable card is destroyed.) Your Political actions may not target Umehiko. “Our family sheltered the followers of Fudo, thinking them harmless, if a bit confused. That time is over, and now I will aid in cleansing the Empire of their wrongful thinking.”


Daidoji Gensai (R)

2F / 3C

2HR / 6G / 2PH

Crane Clan • Iron Crane • Samurai • ScoutCavalry. Home Battle: If Gensai would be opposed, move him to the current battlefield. After he moves, you may discard a card to make a Ranged Attack with Strength equal to the card’s Focus Value. “It would be easy, so easy, to take the shot. Were we not enemies a short while ago? Why do we now treat the Mantis as Partners?”


Daidoji Tametaka (R)

5F 3C

2HR 10G 2PH

Crane Clan • Commander • Iron Crane • Samurai • ScoutExperienced 2 • Unique. Mantis Clan Players ignore Tametaka’s Honor Requirement. Battle: Give a target enemy Personality three -1F tokens. “Our deals with the Mantis benefit both our clans, filling our coffers and giving them reason to watch out for our interests. What more could a Daidoji ask for?”


Doji Kurohime (C)

0F / 3C

6HR / 4G / 2PH

Crane Clan • Courtier. Limited, <Bow>: Straighten an Honor-producing Holding that has not produced Gold this turn. “No, I do not want to talk to you and no, you may not sit at my table. Bother me again and I will show you what my real anger looks like.”


Doji Tatsuki (U)

2F / 5C

10HR / 8G / 4PH

Crane Clan • Artisan • Courtier • Orator • Samurai • Turquoise Champion • Experienced • Unique. After another player’s turn begins, straighten Tatsuki. “Divine Empress, honored members of the Imperial Court, I bring you a tale of grief and woe, a tale of courage and duty fulfilled. I bring you the tale of the Imperial Legions and their fight to cleanse the Colonies of an insidious foe.”


Kakita Ujirou (C)

4F / 4C

2HR / 8G / 3PH

Crane Clan • Magistrate • SamuraiDuelistReserve. (You may Recruit a Reserve card, if it would be opposed, as an Absent Battle action.) Ujirou enters play for 2 less Gold if any other player is Mantis Clan. Ujirou enters play for 4 less Gold if you are the Defender. “I am not impressed by doors.”


Dragon (6)


Kitsuki Miroken (C)

2F / 4C

6HR / 5G / 3PH

Dragon Clan • Courtier • Magistrate. Miroken has +2F while opposing a dishonorable or Gaijin card. The Dragon were known to many for their acceptance of strange ways, but even they could not abide the notion of gaijin infiltrating the lands of Rokugan.


Mirumoto Hatsuto (C)

2F / 2C

0HR / 5G / 2PH

Dragon Clan • SamuraiCavalryKensai. Battle: Give a target enemy Infantry Personality or Follower -3F. “I long for a foe worthy enough to warrant my getting down from my horse. So far, not one has presented them self.”


Mirumoto Kalen (R)

4F / 4C

2HR / 11G / 3PH

CavalryDragon ClanExperiencedSamuraiUnique. Fire Battle: Ranged 3 Attack. You may take an additional action to use Kalen’s second printed ability. Fire Battle, <Bow>: Ranged 3 Attack. As his hands touched the bow, it seemed that the whispers of the wind grew louder and more lucid, almost like voices. “It cannot be,” he whispered.


Tamori Shinji (R)

4F / 3C

5HR / 8G / 3PH

Dragon Clan • Earth • Reserve • Shugenja. (You may Recruit a Reserve card, if it would be opposed, as an Absent Battle action.) Enters play for 4 less Gold if you are the Defender. “The mountain does not move, eh, Crab? We shall see about that!”


Togashi Noboru (U)

4F / 5C

7HR / 8G / 3PH

Dragon Clan • Daimyo • Fire • Monk • Tattooed Experienced 2LoyalUnique. Political Limited: Take the Imperial Favor. “Apologize? Kuni Renyu is as unworthy of my apology as he is the regard many hold him in. In a just world, his idiocy and recklessness would be punished and bring him shame. Among the Crab, I suppose, such things are virtues.”


Togashi Obote (U)

0F / 2C

0HR / 3G / 1PH

Dragon Clan • Monk • Tattooed • Void. Void Limited: Discard a card to give Obote a Force bonus equal to its Focus Value. “In times of conflict and uncertainty, it becomes more important than ever to seek the center and find peace.”


Lion (6)


Akodo Kano (R)

3F / 4C

10HR / 7G / 3PH

Lion Clan • Master Tactician • SamuraiExperienced • Tactician • Unique. Kano’s Force bonuses from the rulebook Tactical Advantage are increased by 2. “The blood of champions flowed through Kano’s veins, and great was his desire to further prove his worth, even after the final defeat of the Dark Naga.” –The Ikoma Histories


Akodo Uehara (R)

2F / 3C

6HR / 7G / 2PH

Lion Clan Imperial Imperial Explorer Samurai Scout Experienced Tactician Unique. Limited: Put a target Terrain from your discard pile into your hand. Discard a card. “Many years have I taught at the War College. Now my clan has a different need of me. I cannot hesitate in the face of duty.”


Ikoma Takakura (C)

3F / 3C

4HR / 4G / 2PH

Lion Clan • Samurai • Scout. Dairuko drew her generals and scouts to her. “The fate of the Empire rests with us. We must slow our enemy and deceive him, or the war will come to our Empire anew. I will not allow that.”


Kitsu Tamao (U)

0F / 3C

3HR / 5G / 2PH

Lion Clan • Water • Shugenja. Interrupt: After you Recruit Tamao, create a 2F/2C/3PH Lion Clan • Ancestor • Samurai • Spirit Personality. “Your marriage seems to have softened you, brother. Does this mild weather disturb your stomach?”


Matsu Miura (R)

3F / 3C

7HR / 6G / 3PH

Lion Clan • Samurai • Naval. Battle: Give a target enemy Personality or Follower a Force penalty equal to Miura’s Personal Honor. “You must spend more time with the living, sister. You seem to have confused pity for discomfort.”


Matsu Ryohei (C)

2F / 1C

7HR / 6G / 3PH

Lion Clan • Paragon • SamuraiCavalryDestinedReserve. (You may Recruit a Reserve card, if it would be opposed, as an Absent Battle action.) (Draw a card after your Destined card enters play.) The threat posed by the Yodotai was no yet concluded.


Mantis (6)


Kitsune Merihiko (R)

3F / 4C

5HR / 7G / 3PH

Mantis Clan • Earth • Ivory Champion’s Advisor • Experienced • Shugenja • Unique. Your Nonhuman Spirits have the ability, “Battle, <Bow>: Ranged 3 Attack.” Following the war with the Crane, few will ever underestimate the children of Chikushudo again.


Kitsune Yamazaru (U)

0F / 3C

2HR / 6G / 3PH

Mantis Clan • Earth • Shugenja. Interrupt: After you recruit Yamazaru, create a 3F/2C/3PH Mantis Clan • Monkey • Nonhuman • Spirit Personality with the ability, “Battle: Dicard a card to give a target enemy Personality or Follower a Force penalty equal to the card’s Focus Value.” “Let them play with us, friend.”


Moshi Ikako (C)

3F / 3C

0HR / 7G / 2PH

Mantis Clan • Air • Fire • Naval • Reserve • Shugenja. (You may recruit a Reserve card, if it would be opposed, as an Absent Battle action.) Fire Battle: Ranged 1 Attack. The Moshi family’s familiarity with both Air and Fire serves them very well indeed.


Tsuruchi Shusaku (C)

1F / 2C

-HR / 4G / 1PH

Mantis Clan • Go Master • Samurai • Scout • Destined. (Draw a card after your Destined card enters play.) Repeatable Battle, <Pay 2G>: Give Shusaku +1F. (Repeatable actions may be used any number of times per turn.) “I find the game offers many insights for my other duties.”


Yoritomo Toganin (R)

2F / 3C

-HR / 4G / 0PH

Mantis Clan • Samurai • Magistrate • Naval. Invest 5G: Give Toganin three +1F tokens. (After this card enters play, you may also pay the Invest cost to get the effect, once.) Toganin has +1F if any other player is Crane Clan. The Colonies offered unprecedented opportunities for gain, and for graft.


Yoritomo Yashinko (U)

0F / 3C

-HR / 4G / 2PH

Mantis Clan • Courtier • Experienced • Unique. Crane Clan players may Proclaim Yashinko. <Bow>: Produce 3 Gold. “A pity my husband is not here to show them what proper artwork is. Did I tell you of the sculpture he made in the Otomo Winter Court? These youngsters simply lack that sort of talent.”


Phoenix (6)


Asako Misora (C)

1F / 4C

6HR / 5G / 3PH

Phoenix Clan • Earth • Inquisitor • MagistrateExpendableShugenja (Draw a card after your Expendable card is destroyed.) The convergence of both P’an Ku and the cult of Fudo within the Colonies left the Inquisitors intensely distrustful of almost everyone. Those who could do so took comfort in the service of the Earth itself, rather than risk their trust in others.


Isawa Ikariya (R)

4F/ 4C

4HR / 9G / 2PH

Phoenix Clan • FireReserveShugenja. (You may Recruit a Reserve card, if it would be opposed, as an Absent Battle action.) Fire Battle: Ranged Attack with strength equal to the number of Spells in this unit. “Pray that the general does not signal for me to join the battle. Your side would not endure it.”


Isawa Tsumaro (R)

2F / 5C

10HR / 9G / 4PH

Phoenix Clan • Air • Elemental Master • TejinaLoyalShugenjaUnique. Air Home Engage: Move your target Air Shugenja home. Create a 0F/3C/0PH AirIllusionShugenja at the current battlefield. Remove him from the game after the battle ends. While the Illusion is there, abilities on the target’s spells have the keyword Home. “Believe what your eyes tell you? Ridiculous!”


Natsumi (U)

4F / 5C

5HR / 10G / 3PH

Phoenix Clan • Nonhuman • Ryu • WaterCavalry • Conqueror • Experienced • Shugenja • Unique. Will not attach Followers or Items. “It is simply an amazing creature. Raw power and beauty given form. Its nature is mercurial, and its wrath both easily aroused and placated. That it is willing to enlist such wrath for our needs is both a blessing and a terrible risk.” –Asako Chukage


Shiba Heirai (C)

3F / 3C

7HR / 5G / 3PH

Phoenix Clan • Samurai • Yojimbo. Battle: If Heirai is opposed, discard a card to give him a Force bonus equal card’s Focus Value. “There are a great many things that remain unknown about the history of the Fudo movement. With what I have learned, I believe that this is for the best.”


The Broken Man (U)

3F / 3C

0HR / 5G / 2PH

Phoenix Clan • Earth • Henshin • Monk. Invest 5G: Give The Broken Man two +1F tokens. (After this card enters play, you may pay the Invest cost to get the effect, once) Earth Battle: Bow a target enemy card with lower Force. “The secrets of the Earth shattered his mind. He has recovered, but all trace of his old life are lost forever.”


Scorpion (7)


Bayushi Dijuro (U)

3F / 3C

-HR / 8G / 2PH

Scorpion Clan • Samurai • SiegeTactician • Unique. Siege Battle, <Bow>: Ranged 3 Attack. If this destroyed a card, give this Province +2 or -2 strength. “Patience is the foundation of strength. Those who do not understand this have already lost the battle.”


Bayushi Jin-e (R)

2F / 4C

-HR / 6G / 0PH

Scorpion Clan • Ninja. Will not attach Armor. Ninja Open, <Bow>: Give a target Personality and Jin-e each a -1F / -1C Poison token. “It is an unfortunate death, but one must be practical. Not every samurai can die gloriously, and not everyone deserves an honorable death. A man like me knows this better than any.”


Bayushi Mifuyu (C)

4F / 3C

-HR / 7G / 1PH

Scorpion Clan • Magistrate • Samurai. Battle: Give a target enemy Personality -3F. “So our little criminal thinks he can lose himself in the chaos lingering in the Colonies? How droll. Disorder is a weapon in the hands of the Scorpion, and I will wield it like any other.”


Bayushi Wateru (U)

4F / 3C

-HR / 8G / 1PH

Scorpion Clan • Ninja • Samurai • Yojimbo • Reserve. (You may Recruit a Reserve card, if it would be opposed, as an Absent Battle action.) Ninja Interrupt: After you Recruit Wateru during battle, take an additional Battle action. “She is fast and discreet… the perfect yojimbo, really.”


Shosuro Chizaru (C)

0F / 1C

-HR / 4G / 0PH

Scorpion Clan • Actor • Artisan • Loyal. Open: Discard a card to give a target Personality a Force or Personal Honor bonus equal to the card’s Focus Value. The target has a maximum Personal Honor of 4. “What a grand time! What a glorious place! Already I have been a Mirumoto, a Shinjo, and a Yasuki. What will be my next role in the Second City?”


Shosuro Takazaki (R)

0F / 3C

-HR / 3G / 0PH

Scorpion Clan • Courtier • Ninja • Expendable. (Draw a card after your Expendable card is destroyed.) Political Engage: Other players do not gain Honor from destroying your cards in this battle’s resolution. “No, my Crane friend, I do not think so.”


The Sorrow (U)

4F / 3C

0HR / 8G / 3PH

Scorpion Clan • Magistrate • Paragon • Samurai • Yojimbo • Experienced Bayushi Tenzan • Loyal • Unique. While you control a Courtier, The Sorrow’s printed ability is Battle/Limited. Battle: Give a target Personality -4F. “What drives you to him, Tenzan? Her order? Your grandfather’s legacy? Your father’s failure? Maybe it is your wife’s willingness to drown in the darkness with you? Oh Tenzan, ever the Sorrow, ever the fool.” –Batushi Misaki


Spider (6)


Daigotsu Chiboshi (U)

2F / 3C

-HR / 5G / 0PH

Spider Clan • Commander • Samurai • ShadowlandsConquerorReserve. (You may Recruit a Reserve card, if it would be opposed, as an Absent Battle action.) Battle, XGC: Equip a Follower to Chiboshi. You may take an additional Battle action. “Is there any challenge in leading soldiers with no will?”


Daigotsu Endo (R)

4F / 2C

-HR / 8G / 0PH

Spider Clan • Nonhuman • Samurai • Shadowlands • Undead • Destined. (Draw a card after your Destined card enters play.) Limited, <Pay *G>: If Endo is dead, Recruit him. He stared at his decayed hand. “Emma-O has forgotten me,” he whispered hoarsely.


Daigotsu Kanpeki (R)

6F / 5C

-HR / 14G / 0PH

Spider Clan • Clan Champion • Monk • Paragon • Samurai • Conqueror • Experienced 2 • Kensai • Loyal • Unique. Tireless Open: Take the Imperial Favor. (You may use Tireless abilities even if bowed.) Kanpeki met the accusing eyes of the court. “What has happened in the past is irrelevant,” he said. “We were at war then. It is different now. I serve the Empress, just as you do.”


Goju Obayashi (C)

4F / 1C

-HR / 6G / 0PH

Spider Clan • Ninja • Shadowlands. After Obayashi enters play, lose 2 Honor. Ninja Tireless Battle: Move Obayashi home. (You may use Tireless abilities even if bowed.) The creature faded away with a low hiss. The apprentice made to sheath his weapon, but Kodanshi grabbed his arm. “No!” he whispered. “It is not truly gone!”


Nonaka (C)

3F / 3C

-HR / 4G / 1PH

Spider Clan • Monk • Kensai. “There will never be peace between us!” the Crab shouted, and charged. “I disagree,” Nonaka whispered, and dug his blade into the Crab’s belly.


Susumu Takada (U)

2F / 4C

-HR / 6G / 1PH

Courtier • Loyal • Master of Guile • Spider Clan. Invest 3G: Discard a card to gain Honor equal to its Focus Value. (After this card enters play, you may also pay the Invest cost to get the effect, once.) “It is called the Blood of the Preserver,” Takada told the court, “and it is our gift to Iweko Shibatsu.”


Unicorn (6)


Ide Mutsuken (U)

2F / 5C

4HR / 8G / 4PH

Unicorn Clan • Courtier • Imperial • LiaisonUnique. Open, <Bow>: The active player must choose and bow one of his unbowed Personalities. “Lady Suikihime, it is a radiant pleasure to see you once again. Your return to power will be cause for celebration, certainly. The Unicorn would be delighted to arrange the festivities, if you wish.”


Iuchi Wattu (R)

4F / 4C

4HR / 9GC / 2PH

Unicorn Clan • Water Shugenja. Limited: If Wattu is face-up in your Province, put him in your discard pile, honorably dead. If there are no other dead copies of Wattu there, refill the Province face-up. “The river yield their bounty readily to those who know the proper means to ask. Arrogance ill suits a priest of the kami.”


Moto Paikao (U)

3F / 3C

3HR / 5G / 2PH

Unicorn Clan • Commander • Samurai. Battle: Discard a card to give a target enemy Personality or Follower a Force penalty equal to the card’s Focus Value. “The cultists adopted a fighting stance, but the Unicorn only laughed. “Good!” he bellowed. “I was afraid this would be boring!”


Shinjo Kinto (R)

4F / 4C

- HR / 9G / 3PH

Unicorn Clan Commander of the 9th Legion Commander Imperial Samurai Scout Cavalry Experienced 2Unique. Battle: Target two Personalities at different locations controlled by the same player. Switch their locations. After they move, straighten their units if you do not control them. “I have taken a city, spent time as a ‘guest’ of the Spider, and now relinquish the city back to the woman from whom I took it. This is a mad land.”


Shinjo Sujikaro (C)

4F / 2C

4HR / 8G / 2PH

Unicorn Clan • Samurai • Cavalry. Battle, <Bow>: Melee 3 Attack. “The Unicorn forces were driven to the brink of exhaustion, serving as they did at the forefront of the Imperial Commander’s war against the cult of Fudo. Others aided in the purge, to be sure, but Shinjo Kinto truly trusted none save his own kinsmen.”


Utaku Sakiko (C)

3F / 3C

4HR / 8G / 3PH

Unicorn Clan • Battle Maiden • Samurai • Cavalry • Destined Reserve. (You may Recruit a Reserve card, if it would be opposed, as an Absent Battle action.) (Draw a card after your Destined card enters play.) “Shh, little one. Do not worry. Our time will come soon, and then we shall ride.”


Shadowlands (1)


Kitsune Kichi (U)

0F / 4C

-HR / 8G / 0PH

Earth • Kitsune • Nonhuman • Onyx Champion • Shadowlands • Experienced • Shugenja • Unique. After Kichi enters play, lose 3 Honor and create a 4F/2C/0PH Badger • Nonhuman • Shadowlands • Spirit Personality with the ability, “Battle, <Bow>: Melee 4 Attack.” “I will not,” she rasped. “I refuse to die.”


Unaligned (4)


Isidoros (C)

3F / 2C

-HR / 5G / 2PH

Gaijin * Yodotai. After Isidoros enters play, lose 2 Honor. <Bow>: Straighten your target Follower. “I do not wish to spend another moment in these wretched lands. Do you?” When none answered, he snarled, “Then do not question the commander again!”


Iweko Seiken (R)

3F / 4C

7HR / 11G / 4PH

Heir • Imperial • Paragon • Samurai • Unique. Seiken will not be dishonored or gain a Clan Alignment. Interrupt: After you Recruit Seiken, Recruit a non-Unique Samurai with lower Gold Cost, ignoring costs. Political Open, <Bow>: Take the Imperial Favor. “Why does my little brother defend them? He knows their evil best of all.”


Iweko Shibatsu (R)

1F / 3C

10HR / 6G / 4PH

Courtier • Heir • Imperial • Unique. Spider Clan players ignore Shibatsu's Honor Requirement. Will not gain a Clan Alignment. After Shibatsu enters play, gain 3 Honor. After Shibatsu leaves play, lose 10 Honor. Limited, <Bow>: Gain 1 Honor. "I do not begrudge my brother his popularity. I only wish he would open his eyes."


Usui (C)

3F / 4C

-HR / 5G / 0PH

Earth • Fudo • Monk. After Usui enters play, lose 1 Honor. Earth Battle: Give this Province +2 strength. “Fudo fought the Mad Dragon centuries ago. His teachings exposed it to us. Were it not for this, the dragon would never have been defeated!” The monk sneered. “You should be thanking us!”


Holding (7)


Exotic Market (C) Coste: 2G. Market. <Bow>: Produce 2 Gold. <Bow>: When paying for an Item, it enters play for 3 less Gold. “The Colonies are a remarkable place. The things I see each day in this market are unlike anything ever encountered in the Empire.”


House of Prophecy (R) Coste: 4G. Destined. (Draw a card after your Destined card enters play.) <Bow>: Produce 3 Gold. “The name is completely preposterous, and the claims they make are blasphemous, but occasionally I find them useful.” –Otomo Suikihime


Jade Pearl Inn (R) Coste: 3G. Interrupt: After you Recruit this Holding from a Province, search your Dynasty deck for a non-Unique, Gold-producing Holding with a printed Gold Cost of 1 and refill the Province face-up with it. <Bow>: Produce 3 Gold. A night of food, drink, and conversation can reinvigorate farmers, merchants, and samurai alike.


Nexus of Lies (C) Coste: 4G. After another player loses Honor from a card he owns, increase the loss by an amount equal to half his Starting Family Honor, rounded down. <Bow>: Produce 4 Gold. Amid a web of lies and falsehoods, sometimes the most dangerous thing one can hear is the truth…


Suana Dojo (R) Coste: 3G. Dojo. <Bow>: Produce 3 Gold, or 4 Gold if your Stronghold has 3 or lower Gold Production. Many among the Brotherhood’s sohei venerate the memory of Suana, a great teacher whose prowess in battle, once so moved, was without equal.


Well-Defended Farm (C) Coste: 2G. Farm.Your Ashigaru Personalities and Followers have +1F while opposed. <Bow>: Produce 2 Gold. “Our lords depend upon our farms, and we shall not disappoint them! If you take our land it will only be because we have fallen!”


Yukihime’s Hot Springs (C) Coste: 1G. <Bow>: Produce 1 Gold. Open, <Bow>: A target Holding’s abilities may not be used. “Good day, brothers! I do not know about you, but I plan to stew in the springs so long I forget my own name!”


Event (5)


Changing the Game (R) Limited: Search your hand, then your discard pile, and then your Fate deck for a card titled Blood of the Preserver. Show it. Remove it from the game to gain 2 Honor. “Unfortunate circumstances prevent me from presenting this to your mother, as would be my wish,” Kanpeki said with a low bow. “In her stead, naturally, I sought out the most worthy scion of the Imperial families to serve as her representative.”


Into The Wastes (R) Engage: You have the first opportunity in this battle to pass or take a Battle action, which must come from a card in a unit. The Mantis viewed the whole of the Colonies as their domain, regardless of the feelings of the other clans. With certain hidden threats eliminated, the Mantis turned their attention toward threats long forgotten, and began seeking a northern route to distant Medinaat al-Salaam. Legal en Ivory Edition


Marriage of the Emerald Champion (U) Limited: Put this Event into play. Target your Personality. While this Event remains in play, he will not be dishonored and you will not lose Honor from other players’ actions that have targeted him. After your second turn from now begins, discard this Event. The wedding of an individual like the Emerald Champion is an occasion of rare gravity indeed. The intended’s family gains incredible wealth and renown, and typically hosts a celebration of enormous scope.


Purge of Fudoism (U) Limited: Starting with you, each player targets (if possible) and destroys a card with the printed Fallen, Fudo, or Shadowlands keyword. Throughout the Colonies, the monasteries and hidden strongholds of the Fudo cult were sought out and put to the torch. Those who had embraced the blasphemous philosophy either recanted and were taken into custody, or refused, and slain outright.


The Asahina’s Shame (C) Open: Players may not use abilities on Personalities this turn. “For centuries, you concealed the presence of a heretical sect from the Brotherhood of Shinsei within our lands because you believed that they were harmless eccentrics.”


Region ()


Celestial (3)


Chagatai’s Wrath (U)

Celestial Unique. Limited: End the action phase. Discard this Celestial. “I do not care what the reality of the situation is. I care only that my father is remembered as the great man he was. If it is only the peasants who remember him, that is a start.” –Moto Taigo Legal en Emperor Edition


The Inevitable Grasp of Conquest (U) Maigo no Musha • Unique. Your Personalities have Conqueror. Battle: Destroy one of your Provinces. Other players’ cards will not destroy your Personalities this battle. Discard this Celestial. As the threat of the Yodotai lingered in the mortal world, so too did it begin to manifest in the worlds beyond. Legal en Emperor Edition


The Ways of Sensei Wu (U)

Fortune • Unique. Battle: Put a target Battle Strategy from your discard pile into your hand. Discard this Celestial. “A sensei from the early Empire, a man who studied the ways of Akodo and Sun Tao. He sits amid the Heavens as a Fortune, and we venerate him.” –Akodo Dairuko Legal en Emperor Edition


Strategy (41)


A Moving Battle (R)

Terrain. Before this battle resolves, you may move one of your opposed attacking Personalities at this battlefield to an adjacent, unresolved battlefield. Battle: Destroy a Terrain (if able). Put this Terrain into play. “A samurai’s mind may desire peace, but his heart aches for war.” –Daigotsu Kanpeki

Focus: 3


A Small Favor (C)

Battle, <Pay 3G>: Bow a target Personality. Lose 1 Honor. The request had come easily to his lips, and the answer now lay in his hand. The pouch weighed heavily, burdened by the expectation of the future.

Focus: 1


A Warrior’s Brutality (C)

Battle: Give your target opposed Personality +3F. “When the time comes to fight, cast yourself into battle with no thought for your own survival” –Akodo’s Leadership

Focus: 3


Absolution (U)

Kharmic. (Repeatable Limited, <Pay 2G>: Discard a Kharmic card to draw a card.) Interrupt: Negate an Event’s effects. “The acts of the cultists were neither your fault, nor your responsibility. Rise, and serve us, stronger than ever.”

Focus: 4


Banzai! (C)

Discipline 2G (You may pay 2 Gold to play this Discipline from your discard pile, then remove it from the game after its action resolves.) Battle: Give your target opposed Personality +2F. Every foe trembles to hear the victory shout of a true samurai.

Focus: 1


Benediction (C)

Open: Destroy your target Holding. Give a Province +3 strength. Despite the chaos, despite the conflict, and despite the unchecked madness, the priests continued their sacred work without ceasing.

Focus: 1


Breaking the Rhythm (C)

As a Focus Effect, if you win this duel, gain 1 Honor and give the winner +1F. Absent Battle: Negate a Personality’s current Force bonuses or penalties (you choose). (You may take Absent actions without presence.) “Disrupt your enemy’s rhythm, and he can not recover. Strike when his timing does not allow him action. Strike when he thinks you cannot.” –Mirumoto’s Niten

Focus: 4


Concealed Reserves (R)

Battle: Give Reserve to your target Personality in a Province. (You may Recruit a Reserve card, if it would be opposed as an Absent Battle Action.) A late arrival is sometimes forgiven if it turns the tide against the enemy.

Focus: 2


Demonstrating Technique (R)

Iaijutsu Political Limited: Your target unbowed Personality challenges another player’s target Personality. Each Personality must focus exactly once, if possible. The winner draws a card. Dishonor the loser. The rivalry between the Kakita and the Mirumoto will likely never be resolved, but each generation tries anew.

Focus: 4


Desire (U)

Political Open: Bow your target unbowed Human Personality. Traget another player’s unbowed Human Personality. His controller may bow him and gain 1 Honor. If he did not choose this, dishonor both targets and both their controllers lose 3 Honor. “Love is a game in Rokugan’s courts… but sometimes the game costs both players their hearts, or even their lives.” –Doji Shizue

Focus: 1


Directing the Battle (R)

Battle, <Pay 4G>: If there are any enemy units at this battlefield, search your Fate deck for a non-unique Battle Strategy. Show it and put it in your hand. “We cannot afford bad decisions. We cannot afford failure. The Yodotai must not become interested in the Colonies, and we must do everything we can to make sure they do not.” –Akodo Kano

Focus: 1


Dying Remonstration (U)

Bushido Virtue • Sincerity. Political Open: Your target unbowed Human Personality commits Seppuku. A target player loses Honor equal to the Personality’s Personal Honor or 4, whichever is lower. Kanshi was the samurai’s final means of protest. Where all words would fail, the pinnacle of persuasion was a quiet death.

Focus 4


Expanding the Gardens (R)

Limited: Give one or two target Gold-producing Holdings +1 Gold Production each (this turn). “A kyuden’s gardens are often as memorable as the palace itself, weighing heavily in the minds of potential dignitaries. Rival lords are always expanding their grounds, waging polite wars to outdo one another.”

Focus: 1


Expensive Achievement (C)

Discipline 2G (You may pay 2 Gold to play this Discipline from your discard pile, then remove it from the game after its action resolves.) Battle: Give this Province +2 or -2 Strength. When need drives, few samurai care about expenses.

Focus: 3


Find Your Center (U)

Kata • Kharmic. Limited: Put this Kata into play. Discard all your other Kata in play. Battle: If this card is in play, straighten a Ring. “Anyone can find their center in the quiet of a temple. Only one who truly understands the flow of the elements can do it in the tumult of battle.” –Togashi Noburo

Focus: 2


Grasp the Swords (U)

Battle: Give your target Personality with a Weapon +2F/+2C. If he is a Kensai, you may take an additional action. “The madness of P’an Ku, the squabbles between the Commander and the Governor, the uproar over the Fudo cult...none of it matters when you have steel in your hands. There is only the present moment and the strike that defines it.” –Mirumoto Hatsuto

Focus: 2


Hold the Walls (C)

Terrain. Attacking Personalities and Followers have -1F. Battle: Destroy a Terrain (if able). Put this Terrain into play. Even the Kaiu can have trouble breaching a well-constructed fortress.

Focus: 1


Knowledge and Power (U)

Discipline <Pay 1G> (You may pay 1 Gold to play this Discipline from your discard pile, then remove it from the game after its action resolves.) Limited, <Pay 1G>: Destroy one or two of a target Personality’s tokens. Give him as many +1F tokens as the number of tokens this destroyed. I understand!”

Focus: 2


Lonely Battlefield (C)

Terrain. Personalities without Followers have -2F. Commanders have + 1F. Battle: Destroy a Terrain (if able). Put this Terrain into play. The Colonies had seen much chaos over the years, and the bloodshed was not yet done.

Focus: 1


Lost Equipment (C)

Engage: Bow a target enemy attachment. “The followers of Fudo may be slightly less mad than P’an Ku’s victims, but they are no less dangerous. It is our task to root out all who harbor forbidden texts, and we will not be stopped. Incidentally, if you do not remember to bring all of your spells, you cannot stop us.” –Asako Misora

Focus: 3


Lost in Transit (C)

Discipline 1G (You may pay 1 Gold to play this Discipline from your discard pile, then remove it from the game after its action resolves.) Battle/Open: Bow a target attachment. “My new orders would be far more likely to be obeyed if I could read them.” –Hida Kurabi

Focus: 1


Marshall Your Strength (C)

Battle: Give your target Personality Force and Chi bonuses equal to his Personal Honor, minus 1 if he is unopposed. “After a victory, tighten your helmet cord.” –A soldier’s proverb

Focus: 1


Mercantile Conflict (R)

Discipline 1G. (You may pay 1 Gold to play this Discipline from your discard pile, then remove it from the game alter its action resolves.) Political Open: Bow your target unbowed Courtier. The next two Honor losses from your cards (this turn) are increased by 1 each. “An unfortunate accident, my friend.”

Focus: 3


Move the Troops (R)

Open, <Pay 2G>: If this Strategy is in your discard pile, put it into your hand before this phase ends. “Soon, we may not be able to engage the Spider without political ramifications. We must act, and quickly, before the opportunity escapes us.”

Focus 3


Never Without a Weapon (C)

Battle, <Pay 5G>: Discard a card to create a Weapon Item with a Force Modifier equal to the discarded card’s Focus Value and attach it to your target Personality. “Crab-san, I am not interested in listening to you blather about your clan’s ‘slighted honor.’ If you will not let me drink in peace, you will give me the satisfaction of a rousing brawl, and as long as I have a hand, I can find a weapon.” –Mirumoto Hatsuto

Focus: 4


Planted Evidence (R)

Ninja Limited, <Pay 10G>: Destroy a target Personality with 3 or lower Chi, or with 4 or lower Chi if you control a Ninja Personality. Lose Honor equal to your Starting Family Honor. “The Crab do not know enough to let sleeping horrors lie. I am going to enjoy this.” –Goku Obayashi

Focus: 1


Provoked Violence (U)

Political Open, <Pay *G>: Bow your target unbowed Courtier. Destroy a target attachment with Gold Cost less than or equal to the amount of Gold paid, plus 3 if you control a Yojimbo. “Be on your guard,” he warned. “He is impatient, and I may prod him into a foolish reaction.”

Focus: 2


Respect (U)

KataKharmic. When Recruiting a Personality, if his Honor Requirement is higher than his owner’s Family Honor, he costs 2 more Gold to Recruit. Political Limited: Put this Kata into play. Discard all your other Kata. “Let us be reasonable to each other.”


Return to Action (U)

Discipline 2 (You may pay 2 Gold to play this Discipline from your discard pile, then remove it from the game after its action resolves.) Absent Battle: If you are the Defender, target your Personality at home and move him to this battlefield. After he moves, straighten him.

Focus: 3


Sleight of Hand (R)

Battle, <Pay 4G>: Target your opposed Personality. Put a non-unique Battle Strategy from your discard pile into your hand. If your personality is a Magistrate, you may take an additional action. My arm will be sore for days, but it will be worth it. I slipped those papers on him as neat as you please.” –Yoritomo Tarao

Focus 1


Steal an Advantage (U)

This Strategy’s ability is Battle/Engage if you control a Scout at this battlefield. Battle: A target enemy card may not use one of its abilities. “The superior warrior is not always the victor. If your opponent has better options than you, seek to eliminate those options.” - Akodo’s Leadership

Focus 2


Strategic Withdrawal (C)

As a Focus Effect, if you win this duel, draw a card. Battle: Move your target Personality home. You may target an enemy Personality and give him -3F. “I still cannot see the difference between this and retreat.” –Moto Xiao

Focus: 3


Suffer the Consequences (C)

Kharmic (Repeatable Limited, <Pay 2G>: Discard a Kharmic card to draw a card.) Battle, <Pay *G>: Destroy a target enemy Follower or Weapon with Force less than or equal to the amount of Gold paid plus 2. “The enemy is disarmed, my lord,” he sputtered, “at little cost.”

Focus: 2


The Legion's Might (R)

Battle: Ranged 1 Attack. Favor Political Battle: Discard the Imperial Favor to make a Ranged 3 Attack. The soldiers of the Imperial Legion are among the finest in Rokugan. A single legion's support can turn the tide of a war.

Focus: 1


The Way of the World (U)

Absent Battle: If he would be opposed, move your target Personality at home to the current battlefield. If he is a Monk, give him +2F. “Kuni Renyu was not totally satisfied with the peace brought by the defeat of P’an Ku and sought to make his dissatisfaction known to Togashi Noburo. Noburo would not yield the point, and so the Crab and Dragon were slowly but surely brought into conflict.” –Asako Chukage

Focus: 2


Thoughtless Sacrifice (R)

Battle: Target your unbowed Personality. Target an enemy unit with Force equal to or lower than your Personality’s Force, or Force plus Personal Honor if he is defending. Destroy both targets. “In true combat, self-preservation cannot be your goal. Every thought, every motion, indeed every breath, must be spent only towards the destruction of your enemy.” –Akodo’s Leadership

Focus: 1


Two Steady Breaths (U)

Discipline 2G (You may pay the Discipline cost to play this card from the discard pile. Remove it from the game after the action resolves.) Limited, 1: Give your target face-up Personality out of play Destined. (Draw a card after your Destined card enters play.) “Calm your mind,” he cautioned the young warrior. “The secret of the universe lies where the world stands still.”

Focus: 4


Unchecked Fury (R)

Kata. Limited: Put this Kata into play. Discard all your other Kata in play with different titles. Battle, <Pay *G>: If this card is in play, Equip a Spell to your target unbowed, opposed Shugenja. You may take an additional action. “You should fear the wrath of the Kuni,” he said quietly. “Let me remind you why.”

Focus: 2


Unholy Strike (C)

Battle: Melee 2 Attack. Interrupt: Give a Melee or Ranged Attack +2 Strength. “A wild beat may be tamed,” he snarled, “but that makes it no less dangerous. You would be wise to consider that before you speak to me again.”

Focus: 1


Unpleasant Truths (U)

Battle: Give a target Personality a Force penalty equal to his printed Personal Honor. If he is dishonorable, bow him. “In my life, I have often found that honor is not a guarantee of virtue.” - The Writings of Agasha Kitsuki

Focus 3


Unseemly Alliance (C)

Political Open: Bow your target unbowed Courtier. All Personalities have -1F for each Clan Alignment in their army (this turn). "There are three aspects to making an unlikely alliance work. First, know his strengths. Second, know his weaknesses. Last, and most important, know when to stay out of his way." –Bayushi Makubesu

Focus: 3


Spell (12)


Banished from the Realm (U) Coste: 1G; Focus: 3. Open, <Bow>: Give your target Spirit Expendable (Draw a card after your Expendable card is destroyed). “If I am to be denied the company of my ancestors,” the Lion growled, “then I see no reason I should have to tolerate the presence of lesser spirits.”


Blistering Rain (R) Coste: 1G; Focus: 1. Water Battle, <Bow>: Give a target Personality or Follower a Force penalty equal to your target Personality’s Chi. “If you were ill prepared for the weather, my dears, you should have remained at home.”


Chikushudo’s Infusion (U) Coste: 2G; Focus: 2. This Shugenja has Cavalry while he is Shadowlands. Open, <Bow>: Give a target Nonhuman card Cavalry. With just a little bit of aid from one such as myself, the flesh of a natural creature can share in both the power of Jigoku as well as the Realm of Animals.” –Kitsune Kichi


Drawing on All Things (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. This Shugenja has the element keywords of every Ring you control. Open, <Bow>: Bow your target unbowed Ring. Straighten this Shugenja. Wind and stone, stream and flame. All that is and is not can be channelled by the spirit that balances itself in harmony with the universe.


Hitomi’s Devotion (R) Coste: 2G; Focus: 3. Earth. Battle resolution will not destroy cards in this unit while defending, and if this Shugenja is Earth, while attacking. “The spirit of our late lady is with you,” the Tamori whispered. “Her will, her strength, can be yours as well. You must simply accept her gifts.”


Mystical Augmentation (C) Coste: 1G; Focus: 3. Void Battle, <Bow>: Give a target Personality +1F, or +2F if this Shugenja or the Personality is Void or a Yojimbo. “Your assistance is very much appreciated. Let me do what I can to make your efforts more effective.”


Reverse Fate (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 4. Void Interrupt, <Bow>: Give the first card discarded by the action +1FV or -1FV. (This does not affect cards focused in a duel). “That which was shall not be, and that which would not have been, is. The tapestry of the Void allows all things to be rewritten.” –Isawa Kimi


Sailor’s Warning (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 1. Thunder Battle, <Bow>: Target your Personality. Ranged Attack with strength equal to his Chi. Destroy this Spell. “There are those who claim that the Moshi have become merely an extension of the Yoritomo family. What these individuals fail to realize is that we have only adapted. We have added the strength of our cousins to our own.” –Moshi Ikako


Searing Siege (R) Coste: 3G; Focus: 2. Repeatable Fire Battle: Discard a card to make a Ranged Attack with strength equal to its Focus Value or this Shugenja’s Chi, whichever is higher. “It is quite pretty, really, is it not?” –Isawa Koiso

The Earth’s Armor (U) Coste: 1G; Focus: 2. Earth. While this Shugenja is defending, other player’s card will not bow him. Norimichi’s laughter rang out across the plain. “A mere priest?” he chuckled. “Defenseless? My poor children, you have made the most terrible mistake of your lives. Let me show you what the power of Earth can do.”


The Wind’s Champion (C) Coste: 7G; Focus: 3. Air Open, <Bow>: Bow this Shugenja to create a 2C/0PH Illusion - Samurai - Spirit Personality with Force equal to this Shugenja’s Chi, plus 1 if he is Air. Destroy this Spell. “Where is your courage now?” the Crane said with a laugh. “Fleeing before nothing? What a shameful disgrace to live with.”


Yojimbo of Earth (R) Coste: 2G; Focus: 3. Earth Limited, <Bow>: Create a 1F Clay Soldier • Nonhuman • Yojimbo Follower and attach it to your target Shugenja without Followers. “Thank you for the gift. I will use it in good faith, and it shall be returned when my task is complete.”


Item (10)


Dagger of Crystal Wind (R) Coste: 1G; Focus: 1. +0F / +1C. Nemuranai • Weapon. After your turn begins, give this personality a +1F Obsession token; then, if he has more Obsession tokens than printed Chi, destroy him. “I hear strange whispers in my mind whenever I hold the blade; whispers I cannot quite understand, that make me think of darkness and luminescent tattoos.”


Fortune’s Charm (U) Coste: 0; Focus: 4. +0F / +0C. Nemuranai. As a Focus Effect, the duel’s winner may take an additional action. Ranged and Melee Attacks targeting this Personality have -2 strength. Before another player’s card destroys this Personality during the Action Phase, negate the destruction and destroy this Item.


Khalimpeh-jiak (R) Coste: 3G; Focus: 2. +2F / +0C. Weapon. Engage, <Bow>: Give a target enemy Personality or Follower -2F. “What in the realms is that? Esumi demanded. “I have no idea,” Gorobei grunted. “It looks ridiculous.” “Should we try it?” Esumi asked. “Of course we should!”


Ningen’s ‘Treatsise on the Nezumi’ (U) Coste: 3G; Focus: 4. +0F / +0C. Multiplayer Open, <Bow>: Target a player. Until your next turn begins, each of you must invite the other to ally (if legal), and during Maneuvers, the invited one must assign a unit to an army where the other has a unit, and may not assign units elsewhere. “It is rumoured that my predecessor had a fondness for the simple, innocent Nezumi. I can understand how their childlike demeanor might be pleasant company.” –Isawa Kimi


Ominous Armor (C) Coste: 3G; Focus: 1. +2F / +0C. Armor. Before another player’s card destroys this personality, destroy this item instead. “If your demeanor and appearance inspire fear in your opponent, your victory is many steps closer before the battle has even begun.” –Tangen’s Lies


Stonemason’s Hammer (C) Coste: 4G; Focus: 2. +2F / +0C. Weapon. This Personality has +1F while he is Siege. Battle, <Bow>: Give this Province +2 Strength. “The reconstruction of the Second City will be my glorious exit from this life. I shall leave my station as a samurai fulfilled, knowing that I aided in the most significant reconstruction of this generation.” –Kaiu Iemasa


Tankoji (C) Coste: 2G; Focus: 3. +1F / +0C Weapon. Battle, <Bow>: Actions from cards in a target Personality’s unit may not target cards in this unit. “Haha! What do you expect to do with that thing? It is not a real weapon, after all, and… Agh! Stop! I’m sorry! Stop hitting me!”


Tiger Claw (R) Coste: 5G; Focus: 1 +2F / +0C. Weapon. Battle, <Bow>: Melee 3 Attack. “It is a violent, primal weapon. It calls to mind the savagery of a wild beast and gives those who wield it a fearsome edge that their opponents cannot hope to match.” –Nonaka


Tsujiken’s Coin (U) Coste: 3G; Focus: 1. +0F / +0C. <Bow>: Produce 2 Gold. This card is worth 1 Koku. “Take this as a token of my appreciation,” the crime master said with a smile. “If anyone mistreats you, simply show it to them. If they do not cease, then I will want to know their name for a brief conversation.”


Versatile Blade (R) Coste: 4G; Focus: 4. +2F / +1C. Weapon. Battle: Discard a card to straighten this Personality. Home Battle: If this Personality would be opposed, discard a card to move him to the current battlefield. (Home actions may be used from home.) It does a great many things well.


Follower (12)


Band of Brothers (R)

2F / 0C


Ronin. After this Follower enters play, target one or two of your Personalities. Create and attach a 1F Follower to each of them. “Good to see you again, my friends! Let me purchase a bottle and we shall fill our bellies with lies and sake!”

Focus 2


Black Riders (R)

2F / 0C


Cavalry. Limited: Straighten another player’s target Holding with Gold Cost equal to or lower than this Follower’s Force. You, and not its owner, may use its Gold-producing and cost-reducing traits (this turn) as if you controlled it. “Their unit’s name skirts the edge of heresy, resembling as it does the lost Black Guard of the Dark Moto.”

Focus: 3


Commander’s Steed (C)

2F / 0C


Horse • Nonhuman Cavalry. Will only attach to a Human. This Personality has Conqueror. “An exquisite, powerful creature. Fit only for those who prove themselves worthy and deserving of command.” –Shinjo Kinto

Focus: 3


Court Scribe (R)

0F / 0C

4 G

Political Open, <Bow>: Increase the next Honor gain or loss (this turn) from your cards by 1 (Proclaiming gains are not from your cards). “Yes, very good, my lord. I think perhaps, if I may, a reference to the Lady Doji’s recent performance in the poetry contest might emphasize your point with even more strength.

Focus: 3


Disciples of Ganesh (U)

1F / 0C

Gaijin. This Follower has +2F while defending. After this Follower is destroyed during battle, gain 1 Honor. “The god of our fathers was lost long ago to the demon goddess Kali-Ma. We pay homage to his memory and pray for his return:”

Focus: 4


Floating Reserve (C)

2F / 0C


Reserve. (You may Equip a Reserve attachment, if it would be opposed, as a Battle action.) “Foolish generals build armies that are like the mountain or the burning plains. Build an army like the wind and the river, and you shall wind your way to victory.” –The Journal of Yogo Haruto

Focus: 2


Front Rank Troops (U)

4F / 0C

Expendable (Draw a card after your Expendable card is destroyed.) “Their survival is highly questionable, but their glory is absolutely assured.” –Akodo Dairuko

Focus: 4


Legion of the Fallen (U)

3F / 0C


Nonhuman • Shadowlands • Undead. After this Follower enters play, lose 3 Honor. Before the first time this game another player’s card destroys this Follower, negate the destruction. “Deploy them against the Crab only when there is no chance of defeat,” Kanpeki ordered. “I will not fuel Renyu’s pitiable attempts to brand us traitors to the throne.”

Focus: 1


Legulus’s Legion (R)

3F / 0C


Gaijin • Yodotai. After this Follower enters play, lose 3 Honor. Battle, <Bow>: Melee Attack with strength equal to this Follower’s Force. “Remember your training, men, and today you will baptize your blades in the blood of samurai!” -Aulus

Focus: 2


Long-Range Scout (U)

3F / 0C


Scout • Cavalry. Home Battle / Open: Transfer this card to your target Personality. (Home actions may be used from home.) “Not one of those cultists escapes us, do you understand?” Kinto demanded the scouts. “You will scour every inch of this insane land until we have cleansed them all.”

Focus: 1


Seasoned Ashigaru (C)

1F / 0C

Ashigaru. Melee Attacks may not target this Follower. “You may take rest from your worries, my lord samurai-sama. No enemy shall threaten this place in your absence. We shall not permit such a thing.”

Focus: 1


Senior Infantry Legion (C)

3F / 0C


Other Followers in this unit have +1 Force. “In a well-structured fighting force, the young and inexperienced among your men will look to the veterans, those with experience and age, to distinguish them, and they will draw strength from their company.” –Akodo’s Leadership

Focus: 2