Spoiler de Gates of Chaos

Todas las cartas son legales en Emperor/Ivory excepto donde se diga lo contrario





Crab (2)


Toritaka Chokichi (R)

4F / 3C

4HR / 7G / 2PH

Crab Clan • Samurai • Scout • Experienced • Unique. Battle: Bow a target Spider Clan Personality or, if Chokichi has a Follower, bow a target enemy card without attachments. “Serpents or Spider, it makes no difference. All enemies of the Crab will perish.”


Toritaka Iabuchi (R)

3F / 2C

3HR / 7G / 2PH

Crab Clan • Samurai • ScoutDestined. (Draw a card after your Destined card enters play.) Battle, <Bow>: Ranged 2 Attack. “I have heard the voice of my ancestors, and I will obey... whatever the cost.”


Crane ()


Dragon ()


Lion ()


Mantis (4)


Kitsune Yuko (C)

1F / 4C

2HR / 6G / 3PH

Mantis Clan • Earth • Kitsune • Nonhuman • Spirit • Shugenja. Invest <2G>: Gain 1 Honor. (After this card enters play, you may also pay the Invest cost to get the effect, once.) Limited, <Bow>: Gain 1 Honor. “Don’t be so surprised, Doji-san. There is more to the Mantis than war.”


Moshi Rukia (U)

3F / 4C

2HR / 8G / 2PH

Mantis Clan • Thunder • Experienced • Naval • Shugenja • Unique. Battle: Bow a target enemy card without attachments. Destroy it if it is an attachment. “Unfair? Blasphemous? The Crane are merely jealous. It is unfortunate for them that not one among the Asahina can match my power or resolve.”


Tsuruchi Gombei (C)

3F / 1C

-HR / 4G / 0PH

Mantis Clan • Fallen • Samurai • Scout • Naval. After Gombei enters play, lose 1 Honor. “No! This war is not over! It will not end until every mewling Crane and their peasant servitors have bled to death before me!”


Yoritomo Hiromi (R)

5F / 5C

5HR / 14G / 3PH

Mantis Clan • Clan Champion • Samurai • The Growing Storm • Thunder • Experienced • Kensai • Loyal • Naval • Unique. Battle, <Pay *G>: Ranged Attack with strength equal to the Gold paid. “The Crane are finished, and their general beaten. But we must not rest, my friends – we have been betrayed.”


Phoenix (1)


Isawa Norimichi (U)

4F / 5C

8HR / 9G / 3PH

Phoenix Clan • Earth • Elemental Master • Experienced • Loyal • Shugenja • Unique. Your other Earth Shugenja have +1F. Battle: Give this Province +2 or -2 strength. “The earth can be loud, like the avalanche, or quiet, as the stone. The avalanche’s strength is fleeting, but the stone’s strength can be eternal.”


Scorpion (4)


Bayushi Amorie (C)

4F / 2C

-HR / 6G / 0PH

Scorpion Clan • Ninja • Cavalry. The Scorpion Shinobi are trained to misdirect their opponents, obfuscate their attacks, conceal their objectives, and cling to the shadows. Some occasions require more overt methods.


Shosuro Nigawa (U)

2F / 3C

0HR / 4G / 2PH

Scorpion Clan • Magistrate • Samurai. Invest 3G: Give Nigawa two +1F tokens. (After this card enters play, you may also pay the Invest cost to get the effect, once.) “I find that justice is like an arrow. Once its target is clear, avoiding its touch is impossible. Especially if the guilty do not see it coming.”


Soshi Kodanshi (R)

4F / 4C

-HR / 8G / 0PH

Scorpion Clan • Ninja • Experienced • Unique. Limited: Bow your target unbowed Ninja Personality. Bow a target Personality; if he is Fudo or Fallen, he will not straighten this turn. “How do you tell the two cults apart?” Kodanshi blinked. “I don’t,” he replied.


Yogo Nobukai (C)

3F / 3C

0HR / 5G / 1PH

Scorpion Clan • Samurai • Yojimbo. Open: If it is your turn or you control a Courtier, give a target Personality -2F. Takashi’s activities did not concern Nobukai. His mind was filled only with his duty: to protect his charge. The cruelty of the Yogo Curse knew no limits.


Spider ()


Unicorn (2)


Shinjo Tselu (R)

5F / 5C

10HR / 10G / 3PH

Unicorn ClanCommanderImperialIvory ChampionMagistrateSamuraiCavalryExperienced 2Unique. Limited, <Pay 2G>: Create a 1F Cavalry and attach it to your target Personality. “No man can follow a commander if he does not draw respect. I shall lead the charge myself.”


Shinjo Yoshie (R)

3F / 1C

-HR / 7G / 0PH

Unicorn Clan • Commander • Fallen • SamuraiCavalryDestined. (Draw a card after your Destined card enters play.) After Yoshie enters play, lose 1 Honor. Battle: Give a target enemy Infantry Personality or Follower -3F. “They come for us now, but we are ready.”


Shadowlands ()


Unaligned (1)


Hoshoku-sha (C)

4F / 1C

-HR / 7G / 0PH

Nonhuman Wani. Battle/Open: Destroy your target Personality: Give Hoshoku-sha +2F. “The Wani are said to be ancient creatures, older than man, and failed rivals of the great Elemental Dragons. No one has seen one in seven centuries. Why now?” –Kuni Kiyoshi


Holding (3)


Exquisite Silk Works (R) Coste: 2G. <Bow>: Produce 2 Gold. Limited: Target a Dishonorable Personality. His controller loses 1 Honor. “By the Fortunes! Where in the world did you find so many cocoons?” –Moto Ming-Gwok


Fudoist Temple (C) Coste: 3G. Fudo Temple. <Bow>: Produce 3 Gold. Open, <Bow>: Give a target Personality and each of his Followers Cavalry. “A Shinseist temple, you say? Why don’t I recognize the statue, then?” –Hida Watari


Glassworks (U) Coste: 2G. Retainer • Singular. Your Items have +1F. <Bow>: Produce 2 Gold. “The Unicorn have lauded the virtues of glass for many centuries. Only now do we appreciate their wisdom.” –Isawa Shunsuko


Event ()


Region ()


Celestial ()


Strategy (9)


Allied Efforts (C) Battle: Give a target enemy Personality or Follower -3F. “As strange as the conflicts that surround me are, as incomprehensible as the originators of those conflicts are, for my own taste these new allies are even stranger and more incomprehensible. The world outside the Empire is vast and terrifying.” –The private journals of Kitsuki Jakuei

Focus: 3


Ashalan Ambush (U)

Limited, <Pay 8G>: Create a 4F/4C/0PH Ashalan • Nonhuman • Shugenja Personality. “You’ve come to the wrong lair, friend,” the Ashalan hissed. Tanzaki’s eyes widened as his gaze fell upon dozens of other Ashalan, rousing from their rest.

Focus: 2


Honor Replaces Rage (C)

Open: A target Personality has -2F while attacking this turn. “Your courage honors us both, Shiba-san. Let this conflict be at an end.”

Focus: 3


Merchant Patronage (C)

Kharmic (Repeatable Limited, <Pay 2G>: Discard a Kharmic card from your hand to draw a card.) Political Interrupt: If the action is on another player’s Holding, you choose who gains or loses any Honor from it. If you control a Courtier, you may bow him to increase the gain or loss by 1. “I think this one shows promise, don’t you?

Focus: 4


Ritual Preparation (C)

Battle: Straighten your target card in a unit. “Never neglect the task of probing an enemy’s strengths. It is an essential step in the preparation for war. Give each step the reverence it deserves, and they will shield you from the disgrace of defeat.” –Akodo’s Leadership

Focus: 1


The False Route (R)

Battle: Create a battlefield without a Province. Move your target Personality and a target enemy Personality there; if your Personality is a Scout, straighten his unit. “A clever trick, gaijin,” Dairuko acknowledged. “It will not be enough, Jeiku, find the real trail. Do whatever you must, but find the gaijin.”

Focus: 2


Trade Embargo (R)

You may only play one copy of Trade Embargo per turn. Open, <Pay 4G>: All non-Unique Holdings produce 1 less Gold (this turn). “I am afraid your shop will need to be closed temporarily. I apologize for the inconvenience. It really is quite necessary.”

Focus: 2


Uncovering Treasures (C)

<Bow>: Produce 2 Gold. Discard this Strategy from play. Limited, <Pay 2G>: Put this Strategy into play. “The Gurdwara Singh,” Yoritomo Singh breather. Tears swam in his vision. “I thought I would never lay eyes upon it again.”

Focus: 1


Unsettling Gathering (R)

Limited, <Pay *G>: Target an attachment with Gold Cost equal to or lower than the amount paid. Transfer it to any player’s target Personality (this may change control of the attachment). A wry smile crossed Waru’s face. Every person in the room would have been killed if they had been seen by ‘honorable’ Rokugani. He wondered if the same was now true of him.

Focus: 2


Spell (3)


Befriend the Tides (R) Coste: 1G; Focus: 3. Water Battle, <Bow>: Move this Shugenja from the current battlefield to an adjacent battlefield. “Clear waters hide nothing, yet they always seem to surprise my enemies.” –Asako Chukage


Gates of Chikushudo (U) Coste: 4G; Focus: 1. Open: Target your created Spirit Personality. Create a Personality that permanently copies the target’s printed keywords, traits, abilities, and stats. Destroy this Spell. “They say deer of this size were once human in the previous lives.” Kagako gestured to the shocked Crane. “I think this one remembers you.”


Poison the Cup (R) Coste: 2G; Focus: 1. This Shugenja is Shadowlands. Maho Limited, <Bow>: Remove a target token from a Personality and give him a -1C Plague token. Lose 1 Honor. “It is a truly foul magic that turns one’s strength into poison.” –Kuni Shinoda


Item (1)


Red Hunger’s Fang (R) Coste: 4G; Focus: 4. +2F / +0C. Weapon. After this item enters play, lose 3 Honor. Battle, <Bow>: Give a target enemy Personality a -1F/-1C Poison token. “The Colonies have given me such an interesting array of materials to work with.” –Kaiu Nakano


Follower (4)


Aulus (U)

3F / 0C


Yodotai. After this Follower enters play, lose 2 Honor. Legionnaires in this unit have +1F. “The men are ready, Praefectus. We will end these samurai.”

Focus: 2


Enslaved Djinn (R)

2F / 0C

Djinn • Fire • Nonhuman • Spirit. After this Follower enters play, search your discard pile, then deck, for another Enslaved Djinn. Show it. Put it into your hand. “My service comes at a price, little priestess,” “You will serve, spirit,” Sorano smirked. “You will serve, and I will hear no complaint.”

Focus: 1


Kamalakar’s Harem (R)

0F / 0C


Gaijin. This Personality may not attack. Limited, <Bow>: Dishonor a target Human Personality. Destroy this Follower. “Should not the last living kin of the Rajah live in comfort? These lovely companions help me consider the gravity of my responsibilities.”

Focus: 2


Spitting Llama (R)

3F / 0C


Nonhuman • Cavalry. Battle: Give a target enemy Personality or Follower -3F. “Filthy, disgusting beast!” Tsimura spat. “Wait, don’t kill it! Perhaps… that is how it shows affection?”

Focus: 1