Spoiler de Torn Asunder

(150/150) + 1




Sadahako's Artistry (Celestial – Pre-release) Fortune Unique. Limited: If your Family Honor is 10 or lower: Gain 1 Honor. Limited: Discard this card and target a card in your hand: You offer it as a gift. Show it to another player. He may accept, putting it into his hand; if he did, you gain Honor equal to its Focus Value. If he did not, discard it and draw 3 cards.


Stronghold (1)


Journey’s End Keep (R) 7PS / 5G / 8SH. ImperialExperienced. “Imperial” is a Clan alignment, and it is your Clan alignment. You may not buy Personalities with Clan discount if Imperial is their only Clan alignment. If no other player has an Imperial Stronghold, you begin the game with the Imperial Favor. This card does not produce Gold when paying for Personalities.


Crab (6)


Hida Chiyu (C)

2F / 1C

-HR / 5G / 0PH

Crab Clan • Berserker • Tactician. “There’s a time for attack and a time for planning. Lucky for me, most of my plans tend to involve attacking.”


Hiruma Ikeuchi (U)

4F / 3C

0HR / 7G / 2PH

Crab Clan • Imperial • Samurai • Scout • Yojimbo. Before the first time each battle any of Ikeuchi’s Followers are destroyed by another player’s card’s effect: If you have Reconnaissance, negate the destruction of one such Follower. He throws himself into combat with reckless abandon, yet his troops follow him with unshakable trust.


Kaiu Nagai (C)

4F / 4C

3HR / 8G / 3PH

Crab Clan • Samurai • Siege • Tactician. While Nagai is defending, he has Elite (Elite cards contribute Force even if bowed). “The Shadowlands might have fallen quiet in recent years, but we cannot afford to grow lax.”


Kuni Renyu (R)

5F / 4C

-HR / 10G / 3PH

Crab Clan • Daimyo • Earth • Jade • Shugenja • Witch Hunter • Experienced • Loyal • Unique. Your provinces have +2 strength. Your other Personalities with a base Gold Cost of 5 or higher enter play paying 2 less Gold. “My loyalty lies with my clan and the Empress, none other.”


Kuni Shinoda (R)

3F / 4C

0HR / 7G / 2PH

Crab Clan • Earth • Shugenja • Hero • Tactician • Experienced • Unique. Battle: Target an enemy card: Bow it. If it is Shadowlands, destroy it. His victory over the Onyx Champion has only strengthened his resolve to destroy the Shadowlands.


Yasuki Daito (U)

2F / 4C

-HR / 8G / 0PH

Crab Clan • Courtier • Merchant. Limited: Bow Daito or pay 4 Gold, and target a Personality: Daito bribes him. Negate the target’s straightening until after the next Straighten Phase ends. “Perhaps you can overlook this error once?”


Crane (6)


Asahina Akahiko (C)

2F / 4C

2HR / 7G / 3PH

Crane Clan • Air • Shugenja • Cavalry. Melee and Ranged Attacks targeting Akahiko have -4 strength. Battle: Target an enemy Personality: Move him and Akahiko home. Gain 1 Honor. “Many times you have served the clan by protecting me, kinsman. Now it is time for me to serve the clan.”


Asahina Nanae (R)

2F / 4C

9HR / 8G / 4PH

Crane Clan • Air • Jade • Shugenja • Experienced • Unique • Jade Champion. Battle/Open: Even if Nanae is bowed, target a Personality: You may straighten him. You may give him -4F. Bow him if he is Shadowlands. “Indeed, I am aware of the many conflicts in the Empire, but I am the Jade Champion. I will never forget what my first duty to the Empire is.”


Daidoji Ibara (C)

4F / 3C

5HR / 8G / 2PH

Crane Clan • Samurai • Iron Crane • Scout. Battle: Target an enemy Personality or Follower: Move Ibara to oppose it. If she now opposes it, give it -3F and, if it is Mantis Clan, bow it. “There are so few of us here, so few. But if I must do the work of two in order to defend the Crane, then that is what I will do.”


Doji Iza (U)

2F / 3C

6HR / 6G / 4PH

Crane Clan • Samurai • Duelist • Magistrate. Open: Target another player’s Mirumoto Kyoshiro: Iza duels him. Destroy the duel’s loser. “Kyoshiro. I’ve tried overlooking your insolence for the good of both our clans. But if you are so determined to die, well then I will be happy to oblige you.”


Doji Kazuo (R)

2F / 5C

6HR / 9G / 4PH

Crane Clan • Imperial • Courtier • Samurai • Duelist • Magistrate • Overconfident • Scout • Experienced • Unique • Imperial Explorer. During a duel involving Kazuo, the other player must focus at least once from his hand at his first opportunity (if able). After your End Phase begins, if Kazuo won a duel, or you have gained 4 or more Honor, this turn: Look at the top 3 cards of a Fate deck. Put them back in any order. “I am an Explorer, not a common thief.”


Doji Tatsuzo (U)

1F / 3C

5HR / 7G / 4PH

Crane Clan • Courtier. Political Open: Target a Personality: While he is at the current battlefield (later this turn), you may take a Battle action even if you control no units there. After that action ends, end this action’s effects on him. “Can you deny the testimony of your own eyes? Not even monasteries are safe from the greed of the Mantis! Shall the Empire tolerate this brutish violence any longer?”


Dragon (6)


Mirumoto Kojinrue (R)

5F / 4C

4HR / 10C / 2PH

Dragon Clan • Imperial • Samurai • Elite • Kensai • Scout • Experienced • Unique • Imperial Explorer. Kojinrue may assign even if bowed. You may choose Kojinrue to perform actions requiring an unbowed performer even if he is bowed. “I wonder if these ruins could be of use to us…”


Mirumoto Kyoshiro (R)

3F / 3C

5HR / 6G / 3PH

Dragon Glan • Courtier • Duelist • Magistrate. Open: Target another player’s Doji Iza: Kyoshiro duels her. Destroy the duel’s loser. “I will not rest until I see you breathe your last, felled by my blade.”


Mirumoto Yonekura (C)

4F / 3C

5HR / 7G / 2PH

Dragon Clan • Samurai • Elite • Kensai. (Elite cards contribute Force even if bowed.) “Consider this is a lesson in humility.”


Mirumoto Yozo (R)

5F / 5C

4HR / 10G / 2PH

Dragon Clan • Duelist • Experienced 2 • Favored of the Fire Dragon • Samurai • Sensei • Unique. After Yozo enters play or overlays: Discard all your other Sensei Personalities. After your Iaijutsu action resolves: Give the Personality who performed it +2F. He has set aside his hatred and preaches serenity to his students.


Tamori Tsuchiya (U)

3F / 4C

5HR / 7G / 3PH

Dragon Clan • Earth • Shugenja • Alchemist. Battle: If Tsuchiya is defending, destroy one of his Spells: Give him Stalwart and a Force bonus equal to his current Force. (Stalwart cards negate their first bowing each turn by other player’s cards). He is slow to anger, yet strikes with terrible precision when roused.


Togashi Mihato (C)

4F / 4C

0HR / 8G / 1PH

Dragon Clan • Water • Monk • Tattooed. Battle: target an enemy Personality: Move him home. “The Imperial Legions are marching against the Second City! What are they prepared to do when they arrive!”


Lion (6)


Akodo Chiyo (R)

3F / 3C

7HR / 7G / 3PH

Lion Clan • Samurai • Tactician. Crab Clan players may ignore Chiyo’s Honor Requirement. Battle: Melee 4 Attack. “If it is the Spider who have attacked us, perhaps we should turn to those versed in fighting such abominations.”


Ikoma Satoru (R)

3F / 3C

7HR / 7G / 3PH

Lion Clan • Samurai • Artisan • Tactician • Experienced • Unique • Turquoise Champion. Limited: Show a card in your hand and choose another player: You offer it as a gift. He may put it in his hand; if he did, draw two cards. Otherwise, discard it, and Melee Attack with strength equal to its Focus Value targeting a Follower or Personality without Followers in his home. “They should have remained uninvolved. A pity.”


Ikoma Shizuka (U)

2F / 3C

3HR / 5G / 2PH

Lion Clan • Samurai • Scout • Cavalry. Limited: Bow Shizuka: Search your Dynasty or Fate deck. If you find a Region, attach it to one of your provinces, paying all costs. If you find a Terrain, put it in your hand and discard a card. “He is silent, observant, and possessed of a perfect memory. He has made our search for the Yodotai a great deal easier.” –Ikoma Shika


Kitsu Miwa (U)

0F / 2C

7HR / 5G / 3PH

Lion Clan • Water • Shugenja • Apprentice • Messenger. Limited: If Miwa is face-up in your province, discard her and pay 2 Gold: Search your Dynasty deck for a non-Unique Lion Clan Shugenja. Refill this province with him, face-up. “A report from the Second City, my lady. The Akodo are not certain what the Spider have used against us, and hope you can unravel this mystery.”


Matsu Sango (C)

1F / 3C

7HR / 5G / 3PH

Lion Clan • Samurai. Will not attach Items. During battle resolutions, if Sango is attacking, he contributes his Force twice. “Peace is a blessing to the Empire, perhaps, but a curse upon a warrior.”


Matsu Yoshito (C)

3F / 3C

7HR / 7G / 3PH

Lion Clan • Samurai • Cavalry • Paragon. Yoshito has +1F while attacking, or +2F if the Defender is Dragon Clan. “It is clear that the Spider are at fault. If the Dragon wish to defend that despicable clan, then the stories of their wisdom and honor are lies.”


Mantis (6)


Kitsune Yuribara (U)

1F / 4C

4HR / 7G / 4PH

Mantis Clan • Earth • Shugenja. Reaction: After Yuribara enters play: Create a 0F/2C/3PH Mantis Clan • Nonhuman • Butterfly • Cavalry • Spirit Personality with the traits, “Other player’s Battle actions must target a Butterfly Personality at this battlefield, if legal,” and “After another player’s Battle action targets this card: Destroy this card.” “Distract him, my little ones.”


Moshi Ira (U)

4F / 4C

-HR / 8G / 2PH

Mantis Clan • Thunder • Shugenja • Naval. Reaction: After an action targets a card in this unit: Give the action’s performer (if any) -3F alter the reaction resolves. “I understand she guided her ship through the heart of the typhoon with hardly a scratch. What a pity I cannot have her on my own vessel.” –Yoritomo Kaishou


Yoritomo Harumi (R)

4F / 5C

2HR / 11G / 4PH

Mantis Clan • Earth • Thunder • Shugenja • Naval • Loyal • Unique. Once per battle, Harumi may perform the Equip Battle action even if bowed and even if unopposed. Battle: Target an enemy Follower or Personality without Followers: Give it -5F. Gain 2 Honor. If its Force is now 0 or you control Yoritomo Hiromi, destroy it. If it is still in play, you may take an additional Battle action.


Yoritomo Hofu (C)

4F / 3C

-HR / 7G / 1PH

Mantis Clan • Samurai • Conqueror • Magistrate • Naval • Captain of The Fourth Storm. “We have feared the unnatural terrors of these waters for twenty years and survived. Do the Crane really think they can trouble us where the Great death has failed!”


Yoritomo Naoto (R)

6F / 4C

0HR / 10G / 2PH

Mantis Clan • Imperial • Samurai • Naval • Scout • Stalwart • Experienced • Unique • Imperial Explorer. Battle: Target an enemy Personality: Actions he or his Followers perform must target Naoto, if legal. You may take an additional Battle action. “The Crane think to confront us? They will find only a watery grave.”


Yoritomo Tansen (C)

2F / 3C

-HR / 6G / 1PH

Mantis Clan • Samurai • Naval • Scout. Battle: Ranged 3 Attack or give the current battlefield's province -3 strength. “My lord, this chui Daidoji Senshi seems unsettlingly well prepared for conflict with our clan, as though he has been expecting it... or planning to start it.”


Phoenix (6)


Asako Izuna (R)

3F / 4C

6HR / 9G / 3PH

Phoenix Clan • Air • Courtier • Shugenja • Inquisitor • Magistrate • Villain • Experienced • Unique • Amethyst Champion. Political Limited: Take the Imperial Favor. Battle/Limited: Target another player’s card in a unit: Bow the target. If it is Kolat, Ninja, or Shadowlands, choose a player, who gains or loses two Honor. “Tell me more. Tell me all of it.”


Asako Kyuudo (C)

4F / 3G

4HR / 8G / 3PH

Phoenix Clan • Earth • Shugenja • Inquisitor • Magistrate. Kyuudo has +3F and Elite while defending. (Elite cards contribute Force even if bowed). “Yuzuki-dono, I apologize for my impertinence, but I believe you are wrong. If you had seen what I have, you would agree that not all gaijin knowledge is beneficial to the Empire.”


Asako Suzukaze (U)

4F / 3C

0HR / 7G / 2PH

Phoenix Clan • Air • Monk • Henshin. Limited: Target a Holding: It produces 1 additional Gold when it bows to produce Gold (this turn). “My niece is a fine example of our order’s greatest gifts, though when her anger is roused she can sometimes be a trifle… hasty.” –Asako Souta, Phoenix Clan Ambassador


Isawa Hibana (R)

3F / 3C

6HR / 6G / 2PH

Phoenix Clan • Fire • Shugenja. Battle/Open: Give Hibana -3F and target your Personality without the Water keyword: Give them +3F. “Miko’s daughter has inherited all her mother’s gift with the fire kami, but puts them to intriguingly constructive uses.” –Isawa Ochiai


Isawa Mizuhama (C)

2F / 2C

6HR / 4G / 2PH

Phoenix Clan • Water • Shugenja. “Even in this foreign land, the water kami still answer in the ways of their element... gentle as a spring rain or ferocious as a tidal wave.”


Shiba Tetsaka (U)

4F / 4C

-HR / 8G / 1PH

Phoenix Clan • Samurai • Duelist • Yojimbo. Open: Bow your performing Shugenja: Give Tetsaka Cavalry or Naval. “I do not wish to waste my day guarding some scholar or healer. Where would be the glory in that!”


Scorpion (6)


Bayushi Hamada (U)

5F / 3C

-HR / 8G / 2PH

Scorpion Clan • Samurai • Paragon • Yojimbo • Loyal. Crab Clan players may control Hamada. Hamada has +1F for each of your Personalities who is Crab Clan or a Courtier. “My friend Yasuki, you have my blade at your disposal. Whatever the Crab require, the Scorpion are more than happy to assist you.”


Bayushi Kazutoshi (R)

4F / 4C

1HR / 8G / 2PH

Scorpion Clan • Courtier • Samurai • Sensei • Experienced 2 • Loyal • Unique.After Kazutoshi enters play or overlays: Discard all of your other Sensei Personalities. Before the first time each turn another player’s card effect destroys one of your Loyal Personalities: Negate the destruction. Move him home. Bow him. Dishonor him. “Greetings, dragon. I would have words.”


Bayushi Wakui (U)

1F / 3C

0HR / 4G / 1PH

Scorpion Clan • Samurai • Magistrate • Yojimbo. Reaction: When another player would target a Magistrate at Wakui’s battlefield with an action: The action targets Wakui instead, if legal. “Your steel is weak and unequal to the task. Just like the man who wields it.”


Shosuro Makiko (R)

2F / 4C

-HR / 9G / 1PH

Scorpion Clan • Courtier • Seductress • Experienced • Loyal • Unique. Political Open: Bow Makiko: Take the Imperial Favor. Political Reaction: Before an action resolves, bow Makiko: reduce all Honor gains from it by 2. “It is a simple matter to influence minds. Magic? Why would I need such a thing?”


Shosuro Tanihara (C)

3F / 2C

-HR / 5G / 0PH

Scorpion Clan • Ninja. While Tanihara is attacking at a battlefield, its province has a maximum strength equal to its base strength. “I have found the beast’s lair, Kazutoshi-sensei. I can lead you to it. We will know the truth at last.”


Soshi Shinoko (C)

2F / 4C

0HR / 7G / 2PH

Scorpion Clan • Courtier • Cavalry. Open: Target a Personality: Give him Brash (the Defender may draw a card after a Brash card is assigned to attack). “I cannot speak to the kami, but I have little time to lament it. I have found other ways to serve, and my lord has never found fault with my service.”


Spider (6)


Daigotsu Arare (C)

2F / 2C

-HR / 3G / 0PH

Spider Clan • Shadowlands • Samurai. “The Crab cast aside their duties in order to attack us, and without provocation. So be it then! I am ready for them!”


Daigotsu Bofana (R)

7F / 4C

-HR / 11G / 0PH

Spider Clan • Imperial • Shadowlands • Samurai • Paragon • Scout • Experienced • Loyal • Unique • Dark Scion of Fire • Imperial Explorer. After Bofana enters play: Lose 2 Honor and all other players must discard a card, or two cards if they are Crab Clan. Battle: Target a Dark Virtue in your discard pile: Take an additional action to play it for one of its Battle actions. After it resolves, remove the card from the game.


Daigotsu Hashibei (U)

1F / 3C

-HR / 5G / 0PH

Spider Clan • Samurai • Commander • Recruitment Officer. Fear Open: Bow Hashibei and target your Personality: Create a 1F Follower and attach it to him. The Spider were still respected as benevolent guardians by the heimin. They manipulated their simple fears and grew more popular than ever.


Daigotsu Shiraume (C)

4F / 1C

-HR / 6G / 0PH

Spider Clan • Shadowlands • Samurai • Conqueror • Paragon • Dark Conquest. After Shiraume enters play: Lose 1 Honor. “Whatever needs to be done to accumulate power should be done without hesitation. That is the way of the world. What use is a person who balks at such things?”


Fubuko (U)

4F / 4C

1HR / 8G / 1PH

Spider Clan • Monk • Kensai • Order of the Spider. Enters play paying one less Gold if you are a Dragon Clan player. Battle: Take an additional action to play a Kiho in your discard pile, which Fubuko must perform, for one of its Battle actions. After it resolves, remove the Strategy from the game. “I can see truth in the Dragon Clan’s riddles.”


Ninube Tsukau (R)

0F / 3C

-HR / 7G / 0PH

Spider Clan • Shadowlands • Ninja • Shugenja. After Tsukau enters play, lose 3 Honor. Open: Once per game, target a non-Unique Human Personality: Tsukau permanently copies his Force, one of his keywords and one of his base abilities which does not itself copies abilities. “M...i...n...e...”


Unicorn (6)


Iuchi Shaocheng (C)

2F / 2C

-HR / 5G / 1PH

Unicorn Clan • Water • Shugenja • Cavalry • Death Priest. After Shaocheng enters play: Turn a card in a province face-up. If it is a non-Unique Personality, discard him and he becomes honorably dead. “The time may come when the Lords of Death pass judgement upon the whole of the Colonies. It will be unfortunate, but I will not hesitate.”


Moto Ogaru (C)

3F / 1C

4HR / 5G / 2PH

Unicorn Clan • Samurai • Cavalry • Commander. Ogaru has +1F while the enemy leader controls an Imperial card or the Imperial Favor. “He is an enormous, brutish-looking man, but with an easy laugh and a gentle nature. He must be pure of soul as well. Why else would pandas bear him such affinity!” –Utaku Ji-Yun


Shinjo Sihung (U)

4F / 3C

4HR / 8G / 2PH

Unicorn Clan • Samurai • Tactician. Reaction: After your Tactical action resolves: Give a Personality who performed it +2F. “The Lion were encroaching into our territory, despite our warnings. And they made no effort to warn us of the approaching legion! It is clear that they have no respect for us.”


Shinjo Tselu (R)

5F / 4C

4HR / 10G / 3PH

Unicorn Clan • Imperial • Samurai • Cavalry • Commander • Magistrate • Unique • Ivory Champion. Cavalry Followers attach to your Personalities paying 2 less Gold. After another player’s action targets Tselu: That player discards a card. “I do not know what my destiny is, but I know I will meet it with steel in my hand and no regrets in my heart.”


Utaku Ji-Yun (R)

5F / 4C

5HR / 9G / 4PH

Unicorn Clan • Imperial • Samurai • Battle Maiden • Cavalry • Magistrate • Paragon • Experienced • Unique • Emerald Champion. Your dishonorable Paragons do not have a maximum Personal Honor of 0 from the rulebook. Reaction: After engaging at Ji-Yun’s battlefield, target a personality opposing her: He may not use his abilities. “Justice at any cost, save honor.”


Utaku Suying (U)

4F / 3C

4HR / 8G / 3PH

Unicorn Clan • Samurai • Battle Maiden • Cavalry • Paragon. After a battle resolution in which Suying’s army destroyed a defending army or province: Gain 2 Honor. “I have concerns for my kinsmen in the Colonies, but I will obey the edicts of my lady Ji-Yun. There can be no divided loyalties when commanded by the Emerald Champion.”


Shadowlands (2)


Chuda Kaito (C)

0F / 2C

-HR / 2G / 0PH

Shadowlands • Shugenja. After Kaito enters play: Lose 2 Honor. Kaito has +3GC while the effects of a Spell action he performed are resolving. “Well,” he said philosophically, “there is always a use for a dead oni.”


Mumoku no Oni (U)

10F / 3C

-HR / 11G / 0PH

Shadowlands • Nonhuman • Oni • Elite. (Elite cards contribute Force even if bowed.) After Mumoku enters play: Lose 4 Honor. While Mumoku is attacking at a battlefield, its province has a maximum strength equal to its base strength. “The beast crushes walls like flowers. It bears a resemblance to the dragons, and may be as powerful.” –Kuni Renyu


Unaligned (3)


Chun (C)

3F / 2C

-HR / 5G / 1PH

Mercenary • Naval • Captain of The Tachikaze. Human Personalities in Chun’s army have Naval. “There is no need to learn to swim before venturing to sea. That is the job of the ship.”


Riku (R)

3F / 5C

4HR / 7G / 3PH

Ronin • Samurai • Commander • Yojimbo • Duelist • Unique. Reaction: When another player’s action targets Tamahime: It targets Riku instead, if legal. Iaijutsu Battle: Target an enemy Personality. Riku duels him. Destroy the duel’s loser. “My sword is as ten swords where Tanahime-sama’s honor is concerned.”


Seppun Ryota (U)

3F / 3C

5PH / 5G / 3PH

Imperial • Samurai • Duelist • Paragon • Yojimbo. Reaction: Before an action resolves that targeted your Personality at Ryota’s location: He enters any duel created by its effects instead of the target. “Please,” he said, interposing himself between the two, “allow me to take care of this trifling matter.”


Holding (8)


Damaged Port (C) Coste: 2G. Port. Bow this card: Produce 2 Gold, or 4 Gold if paying for a Holding. The sudden attack from the Crane decimated the docks of Kalani’s Landing. Undeterred, the Mantis found other options.


Green Lake Dojo (R) Coste: 2G. Dojo. Bow this card: Produce 2 Gold. Open: Bow this card, destroy it if it is your turn, and target a Personality: Give him Cavalry. “And what is taught here Shichiro-sama?” “Cavalry tactics.” the sensei replied. Moshi Ira looked around. “I see no horses.” Shichiro smiled.


Hero’s Memorial (U) Coste: 0G. Singular. Reaction: After another player’s action resolves which destroyed one of your Personalities, bow this card: Gain 2 Honor. Togashi Noboru bowed. “I will not forget.” His promise crashed against the walls and carried across the dome of the heavens.


Merchant Outpost (C) Coste: 2G. Market • Port. Bow this card: Produce 2 Gold. Limited: Target a card in a province and bow this card if the target is not yours: turn it face-up. Some transactions are better orchestrated away from civilization.


Miryoku no Shima (R) Coste: 6G. Bow this card: Produce 5 Gold. Open: Choose your two performing Personalities: A lesson is taught. One copies Commander, Duelist, Kensai, Magistrate, Paragon, Scout, or Yojimbo from the other. “An estate belonging to both the Dragon and Crane, a chance for both clans to learn from each other in the name of peace.” 2011 Name a Holding – David Rodriguez


The Forgotten Bay Dojo (C) Coste: 4G. Dojo. Bow this card: Produce 3 Gold. Battle: Target a Follower with a Gold Cost of 1 or More: Raise its Force to 4. Away from the eyes of the Empire, the samurai of the Forgotten Bay are free to train as they please. But to remain unseen, it must remain forgotten.


The Tachikaze (C) Coste: 0G. Boat • Retainer. After an action resolves whose effects destroyed one of your Followers with Gold Cost of 1 or more: You may put it face-up under this card. Battle/Limited: Any number of times per turn, target your Personality: Attach a Follower from under this card to him, paying all costs. “I want hem scuttled.” –Yoritomo Hiromi


Vast Paddy Fields (C) Coste: 2G. Farm. Bow this card: Produce 2 Gold. If this paid for a Farm Holding entering play from a province, refill the province face-up. Generations of farmers struggled to cultivate the lands, knowing that they would never reap the fruits. Decades later, tiered rice terraces breathtakingly spanned the lands.


Event (5)


A Dangerous Game (U) Unique. You may discard your hand (even if it is empty). If you did, draw four cards. He reached for the results with a trembling hand. If the Moon Die showed Void, his entire fortune was lost.


Harbingers of War (R) Unique. Until the game ends, equipping Followers and Items from your hand with a base Gold Cost of 1 to 4 is a Battle/Open action for you and, after the first time each turn you do so, draw a card. “How could they march against us?” “I do not know, but the Second City must know that the Legions are on the way!”


Rejected Mediation (U) Unique. Any player who controls the Imperial Favor discards it. Until your second turn from now begins, negate the effects of the first Political action taken each turn. Suikihime’s serene mask slipped for a brief moment as she read the missive. “Prepare our defenses,” she ordered. “They are coming.”


Revelations (R) Unique. Show the top five cards of your Dynasty deck. Choose another player who may discard one of the cards. Put the rest back in any order. Refill this province face-up. A sense of bemusement filled the air. “These trifling actions of men have nothing to do with me,” the dragon said.


Unseasonable Weather (R) Unique. Until your next turn begins, after each time a Personality is assigned to attack, negate his straightening during his controller’s next Straighten Phase (after he assigns). Neither side wished to let loose the first blood, and the constant rain only served to further dampen the mood.


Region (1)


Kokure’s Lands (R) Unique. This province does not hold Dynasty Cards. Limited: Both this card: Draw a card. “The lands approaching the Second City have been fortified by the local lord, Mirumoto Kokure. It seems he too has embraced the corrupting influences of this foreign land.”


Celestial (2)


Hachiman's Prowess (R) Fortune Unique. Limited: Once per game, target your Personality: While this card remains in play, he has Elite and the trait, “May assign if bowed.” (Elite cards contribute Force even if bowed.) Battle: Discard this card and target your Personality: Straighten his unit. “Stand up, there is still glory to win!”


Kurohito's Perfection (R) Fortune Unique. When paying the cost of the rulebook Favor Political Limited action: You may ignore the cost of discarding a card; if you did, delay its effects until your End Phase begins. Limited: Discard this card and target a Personality: Permanently give him Cavalry, Duelist, or Tactician.


Strategy (48)


A Cleansing Breath (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 4. Battle/Open: Target your Personality at any location: He centers himself. Negate other player’s cards’ effects that prevent him assigning, moving or performing actions. If he is Kensai, straighten his unit. “We do not know why the Lion have attacked the Spider encampments with our advisors. They have brought no testimony, levied no charges. While we find the truth of the matter, we cannot simply allow this t go unanswered.” –Mirumoto Konjirue


A Close Call (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 1. Reaction: After a Personality with an Armor is targeted by a Melee or Ranged Attack: Negate its effects. Battle: Target a Personality with an attachment: Give him +2F. He charged into the rain of arrows without hesitation. His trust in his armorer was absolute.


A Threat Enacted (R) Coste: 4G; Focus: 2. Political. Limited: Choose your performing unbowed non-Duelist Courtier Personality, target a Personality with equal or lower Personal Honor, and discard the Imperial Favor: Destroy a non-Unique card in his unit without attachments. Dishonor him (if he is still in play). “You were warned, and yet you persisted.”


Ambush Tactics (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Battle: Bow your performing Personality: Ranged 3 Attack with +2 strength if your performer is a Scout. You may move him home. With the government of the Colonies distracted by the events at the Second City, skirmishes among the Great Clans became increasingly frequent, and increasingly deadly.


Avenging the Fallen (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Battle: Choose your performing Personality: Straighten him. If another player’s Battle action has destroyed one of your personalities this battle, negate the performer’s next destruction from cards’ effects (this turn). An oath to avenge fallen comrades is gravely serious. Nothing else can exist in the warrior’s mind once the promise is spoken. A samurai’s word and deed are as one.


Bamboo Tattoo (U) Coste: 0; Focus: 4. Tattoo. Limited: Choose your performing unbowed Tattooed Personality: Permanently give him Stalwart (Stalwart cards negate their first bowing each turn by other player’s cards). “Bamboo endures, and so do I.”


Bonds of Hospitality (R) Coste: 2G; Focus: 2. Political. Limited: Target a bowed Personality: Put this card into play. While this card remains in play, negate the target’s straightening, and his controller has the ability, “Open: Pay 4 Gold: Discard a Bonds of Hospitality.” “No, Bayushi-san, I could not send you out into that terrible rain. I will pour you a cup ot tea, and we can discuss the Tao.” –Kitsuki Yatatu


Calling the Darkness (C) Coste: 0G: Focus: 3. Limited: Bow your performing Personality: Give him three +1F tokens and permanently give him Shadowlands. Straighten him before the turn ends. Lose 2 Honor. “No member of the Empire may be tainted without their consent. But now that war has come, how many are secretly begging my father for his blessings?” –Daigotsu Kanpeki


Charge Into Danger (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 1. Battle: Choose your Performing Personality: If he assigned to, or would be opposed at, the current battlefield, move him there. If his base Force is 7 or higher, straighten him. The berserkers of the Crab leap into the heart of danger, caution thrown to the wind. This tactic rarely works for those without their insanity.


Corteous Gift (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 4. Bushido Virtue • Courtesy. Limited: Bow your performing Samurai, target a face-up card in a province, and choose another player: He may draw a card. Reduce the target’s Gold Cost (this turn) by 2, or 4 if the player drew a card. “A proper guest always offers a gift, to show appreciation to his host.” –Lady Doji


Defensive Stance (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 4. Battle: Choose your performing bowed Personality: Straighten him. Give him +3F. The arrival of the Imperial forces touched off a series of events both predictable and amazing. In all quarters of the Second City, inside and out, samurai prepared to defend honor and clan the best way they knew how. –Chronicle of the Orchid Lands, Part I


Drain of Effort (U) Coste: 2G; Focus: 1. Open: Until this phase ends or a player has discarded two cards from this effect, after each action other than this one resolves, its player discards a card. Open: Draw a card. “Clearly, claims must be checked, but this is getting out of hand. No sooner do we resolve one claim dispute when two more take place! It is as if some malevolent force is directing it ill!” –Kitsuki Jakuei


Duty Over All Things (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 4. Battle: Choose your performing discarded Yojimbo: If he would be opposed, bring him into play at the current battlefield, paying 3 less Gold if you control a Courtier or Shugenja. “I would have preferred to go to the next world without ever spilling the blood of your noble people. Unfortunately for us both, my duty demanded otherwise.”


Eye of the Sword (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Iaijutsu. Battle: Choose your performing unbowed Duelist and target an enemy Personality: Your Personality duels the target. Give the winner two +1F tokens. Destroy the duel’s loser. “Victory in a duel is the purest kind.” –Doji Genshin


Forest Cover (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Recon. Reaction: After engaging, choose your performing Scout Personality at the current battlefield: You have Reconnaissance there. You may attach a Follower to him from your hand or discard pile, paying all costs. If you did, draw an additional card during your next End Phase. “Very satisfying when they realize we were there all along.”


Forgotten Teachings (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 4. Open: Target another player’s Sensei Personality: Remove all traits and abilities from him (this turn). “The young learn too late that they ought to learn from the past.” –Moto Taha


Frozen in Place (C) Coste: 0; Focus: 1. Battle/Open: Target a Personality: Give him -3F/-1C. “It’s amusing, the look they get when it dawns on them that the only way to escape justice is to grow wings.” –Hiruma Akio


Generational Gap (C) Coste: 1G; Focus: 4. Open: Target two personalities with the same Family Name: They may not be assigned to the same battlefield. One generation raised during a time of war, and another raised during a time of peace. The differences in philosophy can be significant, and even family bonds can be tested.


Harbor of Kalani’s Landing (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 1. Port * Terrain. Negate Personalities’ movement to or from this battlefield. Battle: If there is no Terrain in play at the current battlefield: Put this card into play there. You may take an additional Battle action. “We will return every fire to them tenfold.” –Moshi Rukia


Harmony (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 0. Void • Kiho. Open: Choose your performing Monk: Permanently give him the trait, “You may bow this card instead of bowing a Ring to pay a cost.” “It is simple truth that so many seekers would ignore – we do not search for enlightenment. We are enlightened: we simply do not realize it.” –Yung


Imperial Deployment (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 4. Imperial. Open: Choose your performing Personality: The Empress dispatches him to the Colonies. Negate other players' cards' effects that prevent him from assigning. After the next time this turn an attack is declared, straighten his unit. “Go and bring law to the lawless.” –Utaku Ji-Yun


Improper Papers (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Reaction: Before an action resolves, target a Personality: Negate his movement from the action’s effects. “A thousand pardons, but it appears these papers are inadequate to pass the border.”


Imprudent Misstep (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Political. Limited: Target another player with 30 or more Family Honor: He commits a public breach of etiquette. He loses 5 Honor. No samurai climbs quite so high that he can safely disregard propriety. Carelessness is the fortunate man’s undoing.


In the Right (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Political. Battle: Bow your performing Courtier at any location and target one or more attacking cards, up to half your Courtier’s Chi, rounded down: Bow the targets. “The only excuse the Mantis have for their attacks is greed for power and plunder,” the Crane said. “What else would you expect?”


Kitsuki Judgment (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 1. Political. Limited: Choose your performing unbowed Magistrate, target a Personality, and pay Gold equal to his unit’s total Gold Cost, +8 unless he is dishonorable, Kolat, Ninja, or Shadowlands: He commits seppuku. “It appears the Lion are not baseless in their claims, Daigotsu-san. There will be repercussions to both clans for the Dragon who have died over this dispute.”


Martyr’s Call (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Battle/Open: Destroy your performing Paragon and target one or two of your other Personalities: Give them +3F and Stalwart (Stalwart cards negate their first bowing each turn by other player’s cards). “They are powerful, but they are merely flesh. I will show you!”


Mutual Support (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Battle: Choose two or more of your performing opposed Personalities, each with a different Clan alignment: Give each performer +2F. “A pity you came here. Our Hiruma friends have some concerns with your behaviour.”


Nocturnal Attack (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 1.Ninja. Limited: Bow your performing Ninja Personality: The option to create an Attack Phase comes after the Dynasty Phase this turn. “I wish to speak to the disgraceful abomination that calls itself the Shadow Dragon. Kill anyone you must to make this happen.” –Bayushi Kazutoshi


Now We Are Enemies (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 1. Battle: Target two Personalities in the same army that do not share a Clan alignment: Give each target -3F. Under the press of events, alliances shifted and died. samurai who had served together for years now found themselves on opposite sides of the battle. –Chronicle of the Orchid Lands, Part II


Overpower (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 4. Open: If it is the active player’s first or second turn: No Attack Phase may be declared. Limited: Target your discarded (not dead) Personality: Put him into one of your provinces, discarding any card currently there. “Fool! You insult me with your feeble strength."


Pierce the Tapestry (U) Coste: 0; Focus: 1. Void • Kiho. You may include up to seven copies of this card in your deck. Battle: Choose your performing unbowed Monk and target an enemy Personality or Follower: Git it -3F. If it has no attachments and you have played two or more other Pierce the Tapestry this battle, destroy it. If this did not destroy it, you may take an additional battle action to play a Pierce the Tapestry.


Ready the Defenses (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Open: Choose your performing Personality and target a province: While at the province’s battlefields, other players Personalities and Followers have -1F and, if your performer is a Tactician, your Personalities and Followers there have +1F. “We have little information on their exact strength, but we must assume it is a complete Imperial Legion and plan accordingly.” –Akodo Chiyo


Recruitment Effort (C) Coste: 3G; Focus: 2. Open: Destroy your target non-Unique Holding: Create a 3F/3C/2PH Samurai Personality. “The Mantis have assets we cannot counter through politics, to be sure, but there is very little that cannot be countered with unlimited wealth.” –Doji Iza


Scandalous Gossip (U) Coste: 1G; Focus: 3. Political. Open: If (and only if) this card is in your discard pile; remove it from the game and target a player: He must choose and bow one of his unbowed Personalities, if possible. Gain 1 Honor. “They say the Imperials were dispatched by the Empress herself in order to rein in the Governor! Can you imagine such a thing?”


Shifting Waves (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Kiho. Battle: Choose your performing unbowed Henshin and target a Personality: Switch the target’s Force and Chi. “In one moment, the monk was on her feet, all traces of serenity replaced by a fury I would never thought her capable of.”

Spiritual Coalescence (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Battle/Open: Destroy your performing Spirit Personality and target another Spirit Personality: Give it a permanent Force bonus equal to the performer’s Force. It permanently copies the performer’s abilities which do not themselves copy abilities. You may take an additional action. All things echo in ways man cannot perceive.


Spoils of Exploration (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Kata. After a battle resolution ends in which you destroyed an army or province: Draw a Card. Limited: Put this card into play. Discard all your other Kata in play. “Surely my lord will not notice if a few baubles go missing.”


Suck the Marrow (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 0. Maho • Plague. Open: Bow and destroy your performing shugenja and target a Personality: Give the target a -1F/-1C Poison token. Lose 3 Honor. Until this game ends, after each Events Phase begins, give the target a -1F/-1C Poison token. “Not the strongest maho curse, but one of the most debilitating.” –Kuni Renyu


Sudden Blockade (C) Coste: 3G; Focus: 3. Open: If it is not the active player’s first turn, target a province: Cards will not enter play from the province (this turn). The ships of the Mantis Clan appeared without warning. The menace in their actions was unmistakable.


Tactical Sacrifice (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Limited: Choose your performing unbowed Commander, destroy his performing Follower and target a Follower, or a Personality without attachments, with Gold Cost equal to or less than twice your Follower’s Gold Cost: Destroy the target. “There comes a time when the value of a vassal must be weighed against the value of victory. This is the unfortunate reality of war.” –Akodo’s Leadership


The Last Move (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Political. Battle: Destroy your performing unbowed Courtier and target an enemy Personality: Dishonor him. You may target and destroy a card without attachments in his unit. For all of their perceived faults, many still underestimate the length of a Scorpion’s devotion.


The Passing of Tradition (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Battle/Open: Choose your performing Personality and target your Personality: The performer permanently copies a keyword from the target, other than Courtier, Samurai, or Shugenja. Limited: Target your discarded Personality: Put him into your provinces (face-up) discarding the card currently there. “May the ways of our ancestors live on in you”


Touch of the Night (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Ninja • Fear. Battle: Choose your performing unbowed Ninja Personality: Give each Personality and Follower opposing him -2F. The touch of the Ninube grows stronger in the corners of the world.


Truce (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Reaction: When paying for a Personality with a Clan alignment different than your own: Produce 2 Gold. The Imperial Legions stood at the walls of the Second City. Those trapped within began to find common ground where they once held none.


Trusting Instinct (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 1. Reaction: After a Ranged or Melee attack is targeted: Give it -2 strength. Battle: Choose your performing Personality: Move him to a battlefield where he would be opposed. “Your belly can perceive things your mind cannot. It can tell you how to act, even before the threat has appeared. A samurai trusts his belly. This is called ‘Haragei.’“ –Mirumoto’s “Niten”


Vital Pathways (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 1. Terrain. After this battlefield’s province is destroyed, if you are the Attacker: Draw a card, or two cards if your current army was ever opposed during this battle. Battle: If there is no Terrain in play at the current battlefield: Put this card into play there. The Colonies had built few major roads when the Imperial Legion arrived. Control of seemingly insignificant pathways proved vital. - The Imperial Histories


Warded Premises (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Terrain. Before this battle’s resolution: Negate all Force bonuses from actions to cards at this battlefield. Battle: Even if you control no units at the current battlefield, if there is no Terrain in play there: Put this card into play there. “Even the most serene places can become a place of death. All that is required is intent.” –Ikoma Satoru


Without Mercy (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 1. Dark Virtue • Determination. Reaction: After a Battle action performed by your Samurai Personality resolves, if the action did not target an enemy card: Take an additional Battle action. “Why are you reaching for this, Kakita-san? I was told your school requires only one strike.” –Yoritomo Hiromi


Spell (12)


Anchored in Earth (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Earth. Battle: Even if this unit is not at the current battlefield, bow this card and target your defending Spirit: Give it +3F and Elite (Elite cards contribute Force even if bowed). “Not all denizens of Chikushudo are gentle. Some can be roused to a brutality that puts the Hida to shame.” –Asako Kyuudo


Blood of Isawa’s Tribe (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. After this card attaches: Choose an element keyword (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Void) in this Shugenja’s keywords or text. While this card is attached, replace all instances of that keyword on this Shugenja with a different element keyword that you choose now. “Isawa was a visionary, but he lacked the stomach to adapt when his blood magic became corrupted. The Phoenix are not strong and wise in their art. They are simply cowards.” –Chuda Hitaka


Blood Wave (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Maho. Battle: Even if this unit is not at the current battlefield, bow this Shugenja and destroy your target Personality or Follower: Two consecutive Ranged Attacks, each with strength equal to half your target’s Force, rounded down. “A proper tsukai finds uses even for his broken tools.” –Chuda Niiro


Earth’s Protection (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Earth. Battle: Bow this card and give the current battlefield’s province a bonus, or a penalty if you are defending, from 1 up to its current strength: Give this Shugenja an equal Force bonus. Negate his next bowing or movement from other player’s cards’ effects if he is Earth. “Borrowing the mountain’s strength can be useful, if dangerous when done recklessly.” –Tamori Yayu


Opening the Veil (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Earth • Water. Your Stronghold has +1 Gold Production for each Spirit you control. “The Spirit Realms outside our own can be difficult to reach, even for skilled shugenja. Certain places are closer to other Realms, however, and there this task is easier.” –Kitsu Sorano


Path to Inner Peace (C) Coste: 0G; Focus: 4. Water. Battle/Open: Bow this card and target a Personality: Negate all Force penalties on him and other player’s cards’ effects that prevent him performing actions. “The wound is too deep for me to aid right away. Instead, I will give you a blessing to wash away the pain.” –Isawa Mizuhama


Read the Essence (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Open: Bow this card and target one face-down card in a province, or one or two such cards if this Shugenja is Void: Turn the targets face-up. “In the Void, all things are seen and heard. But if you wish to find just one man, you must learn to find a raindrop that has already fallen into a pool.” –Isawa Kimi


Scorching Lash (C) Coste: 3G; Focus: 4. Fire. This Shugenja has Duelist while she is Fire. Battle/Open: Remove a non-Ring card in any discard pile from the game, and target a Personality: Give him +3F or -3F. “Fire need not always completely destroy. Sometimes the ability to inflict harrowing pain is enough to stop a conflict.” –Isawa Koiso


The Sky’s Barrier (R) Coste: 0G; Focus: 3. Air. Battle: Destroy this card and target an attacking Personality: Give him Elite (Elite cards contribute Force even if bowed). He does not contribute Force while unbowed. If this Shugenja is Air, gain 2 Honor. “You Moshi think you understand the sky, but you know only fury and not subtlety.” –Asahina Akahiko


The Thunderer’s Protection (C) Coste: 6G; Focus: 1. Thunder • Armor. This Personality has +4F. Reaction: After an action targets a card in this unit, bow this car: Bow the action’s performers (if any) after the action resolves. “You should have stayed in your temples. The world is a dangerous place, Asahina-san.” –Moshi Rukia


Unbound Essence (R) Coste: 5G; Focus: 0. Void. Limited: Bow this Shugenja, destroy this card and target a Personality, who must be non-Unique unless this Shugenja is Void: Show cards from the top of the controller’s Dynasty deck until you show a Personality or you show all the cards in the deck. If you showed a Personality overlay him on the target.


Witness the Untold (U) Coste: 0G; Focus: 2. Void. Reaction: After your Ring enters play, bow this card: Look at the top three cards of your Dynasty or Fate deck. Put them back in any order. “Some are blessed with a moment’s glimpse into the infinite only once in their lifetime. But in that glimpse, all that is told and untold of the universe is seen, and a wise person can change their entire fate.” –Isawa Tomohiro


Item (6)


Chiyurei’s Axe (C) Coste: 4G; Focus: 2. +3F / +0C. Weapon. Attaches to Hida Chiyurei paying 2 less Gold. You may compare Melee Attacks this Personality performs against their targets’ base Force. “I suppose you could call it a brutal weapon, but sometimes you need to kill brutal things. Katana are for honorable combat, not red butchery.” –Hida Chiyurei

Kage’s Teachings (R) Coste: 4G; Focus: 2. +0F / +0C. Unique. This personality has Kolat. Open: If it is not your turn, bow this card and choose a player: He chooses and bows one of his unbowed Personalities. “Such amazing thoughts! They will serve me well in the chaos now spreading.” –Doji Muroken


Paneki’s Mask (R) Coste: 4; Focus: 4. +0F / +1C. Shadowlands • Unique. Limited: If this card is in your hand, target your dead Personality who was in play during your last turn: Bring him into play, ignoring costs and restrictions, and permanently give him Shadowlands • Undead. Attach this card to him (you must pay its cost). Lose 3 Honor. “Strange how such a simple thing can be so unclean.” –Bayushi Nitoshi


Renyu’s Wrath (R) Coste: 6G; Focus: 4. +4F / +0C. Siege • Unique. Battle: Bow this card and target a Region (at any location) or a Terrain: Destroy it. Battle: Bow this card: Ranged 4 Attack, with +1 strength if this Personality is Siege or Earth. “If this place will not benefit us, it becomes just another problem. And we of the Crab understand what to do with problems.”


Sturdy Armor (C) Coste: 4G; Focus: 2. +2F / +0C. Armor. Battle : Three times per turn: Give this Personality +1F. “Gunso, assemble the legion!” the command came. “An enemy force approaches the city, and we will be ready to face them!”


Thunder Bow (U) Coste: 4G; Focus: 2. +3F / +0C. Weapon • Thunder. Negate other players’ cards’ effects that prevent this Personality from performing actions. Battle/Open: Target your Personality at any location: Transfer this card to him. “With it, the thunder in your soul is made manifest,” Tsuruchi Shichiro said. “Show the Crane what that means.”  2011 Name an Item – Jorge Sáez

Follower (8)


Brothers of the Great Lake (U)

3F / 0C

0HR / 4G

This card has +1F for each other Brothers of the Great Lake in this army. Battle: Target an enemy card: Bow it. “Strength in Numbers,” the eldest said, “Or numbers in strength?” Privately, the youngest brother thought there was little difference.

Focus: 3


Cavalry Flankers (C)

0F / 0C

0HR / 0G

Cavalry. Battle: If you are the Attacker, bow this card: Melee 2 Attack. “Fast horses have to be good for something,” the gunso said with a savage grin.

Focus: 2


Destrier (C)

2F / 0C

1HR / 2G

Cavalry. Melee and Range Attacks targeting this card have -3 strength. “Not bad riding.” –Utaku Ji-Yun

Focus: 2


Disciples of Master Coin (R)

3F / 0C

0HR / 4G

Kolat. Open: If this card did not enter play this turn, bow it and target a Holding with equal or lower Gold Cost: Straighten it. “Money obeys its own laws.” –Master Coin

Focus: 2


Goju Kaxt (U)

3F / 0C

0HR / 6G

Ninja. Other Ninja in this army have +1F. After an action resolves during which this card was destroyed: Create a 4F/3C/0PH Ninja Personality with your Clan alignment at any location. His gaijin ancestry only makes him more deadly.

Focus: 3


Oriole Imperial Vanguard (R)

4F / 0C

2PH / 7G

Imperial. This Personality has +1 PH. Before the first Political action that targeted this Personality this phase resolves: Negate its effects. “It may not be Rokugan,” the guardsman said, “but service is service everywhere.”

Focus: 4


Sycophants (R)

0F / 0C

0HR / 5G

Political Limited: Bow this card: Straighten this Personality. You may use his Political abilities that may only be used once per turn a second time (this turn). “Yes, of course,” the courtier said, just to get rid of him, then realized what she had agreed to.

Focus: 2


Uji’s Saboteur’s (U)

3F / 0C

1HR / 4G

Scout. This Personality has Naval while he is Crane Clan. Battle: Target an enemy attachment: Destroy it. “We remember Daidoji-sama’s methods,” the man whispered as he let loose the last casket.

Focus 1